One True Love

You: okay, now
You: you know what to do
Stranger: 20/f/ontario?
You: 54/m/Juno
Stranger: sigh
Stranger: i have lost myoetrue love
You: what happened?
Stranger: she ended the conversation
You: there’s always another true love
You: they’re a dime a dozen
Stranger: goesto show that women are f****** worthless
You: depends on what you need them for
Stranger: maybe ill just become gay
You: what can it hurt?
Stranger: you sicko
Stranger: gays don’t belong here you f***ing ****** with rippling muscles and clean shaven smooth skin. you need to just take your lisping moustached mouth out of here before the urge gets to be too much and you start f***ing people in the *** because you’re a gay *** who f**** guys in the *** and s**** ****. now put on your thong and leather pants and get out.
You: I’m in Juno. there’s nothing else to do here
You: not like there are women here
Stranger: good poit, tbh
You: except for Palin, and she’s taken
Stranger: point
You: so you gonna go gay, or find another true love?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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