pandas or pasta, that is the question

You: pandas or pasta?
Stranger: pandas????
Stranger: wat is it?
Stranger: ohhh
Stranger: how can u relate panda with pasta
Stranger: one is animal and other is food
You: how can you NOT
Stranger: one is animal and other is food……………………
You: both are food where im from …..
Stranger: panda is a animal
Stranger: ok
You: do you never eat animals where your from
Stranger: but not panda
Stranger: well i am vegetarian
You: well we eat them here, theyre everywhere, need to control the populations, you know how it gets
Stranger: ok
Stranger: will i will go wiyh pasta
You: good choice, why the fuck would anyone eat a panda
Stranger: u do eat
You: no, whats wrong with you. thats sick eating a panda that is
You: very very sick
Stranger: ohhhhhhhhhh
You: ohhhhhhhh thats all you have to say for yourself, panda eater
Stranger: hey
You: hi
Stranger: dont tell me this
You: tell you what? panda killer
Stranger: hi
Stranger: u r panda eater
Stranger: and killer
You: no, thats twisted mate. thats totally illegal
You: what wrong with you dude
You: where do you get off saying this stuff
Stranger: nowhere
Stranger: u criminal
You: im a law abiding citizen. i dont eat no pandas/whales/tigers. i eat cows, that legal
Stranger: cows is holy here
Stranger: so i dont eat them
You: well i guess thats ok, if theyre holy. here pandas are holy. we worship them 24.7
Stranger: so go and worship them
Stranger: u do it 24*7
You: i worship them by breathing. what else is needed
Stranger: y r u wasting ur time here
You: im not
You: i dont eat pandas, unlike you sir

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