You: hey
Stranger: Hi, I’m Carl UK
You: hey im conor Ireland
You: awkward
Stranger: lol
Stranger: you’re not looking for guy then
You: eh its not that
You: its im IRISH and your BRITISH
Stranger: only by accidnet of birth
You: hey do you like
You: pie
Stranger: sweet or savoury?
Stranger: pie isn’t a flavour
You: hell yeah it is
Stranger: pie is a pastry case enclosing either a meat or fruit base filling
You: you know were running out of booze and this party is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!
Stranger: i got plenty off booze and some weed too if you want
You: i think
You: i think. .. . . . .
Stranger: it’s good to think
You: we need to get more party for the booze
Stranger: lol
You: ill go get some
Stranger: see ya
You: bitch you aint my babysitter
Stranger: baby I aint you bitch sitter
You: hey while im out you want me to pick you up some ice
Stranger: it’s your party
You: what
You: you my friend
You: just blew
You: my mind and a little bit of my pants
Stranger: cool, glad to be of service

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