You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
Stranger: asl?
You: I am a horny Pikachu looking for a handsome Squirtle to toy around with.
Stranger: cool
Stranger: r u horny?
You: I am a horny pikachu
You: are you a squirtle?
You: Or maybe a tentacruel?
Stranger: a squirtle?
You: :D
You: Then I am totally horny
You: What level are you?!
Stranger: last level
Stranger: hw big r ur boobs?
You: I am level 72, if that answers your question ;D
Stranger: thats horny
You: Let’s poke-do-it
You: Use hydro pump on me babe
Stranger: take off ur clothes
You: -takes off clothes-
You: Use tail whip, please!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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