Pretending to be Dolly Parton

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: Hello, darlin
Stranger: hello honey bunch
You: asl?
Stranger: m
You: 64 f TN
Stranger: nice!!!
You: thank you.
Stranger: i lyk younger women…
You: well, im married
Stranger: nobody needs 2 no…
You: well, whats your name?
Stranger: Fester… and urs darlin?
You: Dolly.
Stranger: Parton?? Hahaha…
You: thats me!
Stranger: dats gud..
You: yes, Carl is asleep so im just killin time
Stranger: sing me a song der will ya?
You: late on cold and stormy night i heard a dog a’barkin, then i thought i heard somebody at my door a’ knockin
You: i wondered who could be outs side in such an awful storm
You: then i saw a little girls with a puppy in her arms
You: before i could say a word she said:
You: “my name is sandy and this here is my puppy dog, his name is little andy.”
You: standing in the bitter cold in just a ragged dress, i asked her to come in and this what she said:
You: “aint you got no gingerbread?”
You: “aint you got no candy?”
You: “aint you got an extra bed for me and little andy?”
You: well, thats the first stanza.
Stranger: brilliant….
You: its a pretty sad song, they die at the end.
Stranger: ah dats bad…
Stranger: wats ur date of birth?
You: Jan 19
You: 1964
You: im from Sevier County, TN
Stranger: im irish…
You: So am i, a little
You: Got any more questions? i am expert on myself haha
Stranger: ahh wats ur mothers name?
You: my mama passed away, rather not talk to much about her.
Stranger: how many siblings do you have?
You: 12
You: including me, of course.
You: one passed away same day he was born :(
Stranger: wat does carl work as?
You: he has his own business. he stays out of the public eye.
Stranger: i no dat… wat does he work as tho?
You: well since you must know, he has an cement business in Nashville
Stranger: where did you meet carl?
You: at a laundromat
You: he told me i was gone git sunburned, he was the sweetesst thing. he kept on circlin around me in his pickup truck. that little flirt :)
Stranger: wat was ur first film?
You: well i appeared on the porter wagoner show. do you mean movie?
Stranger: ya movie…
You: Nine to Five. with jane fonda and lily tomlin. they are the best!
Stranger: wats jane fondas husbands name?
You: im not sure, we didnt stay in touch much after that movie.
Stranger: how is miley cyrus?
You: she’s wonderful. im her godmother.
Stranger: any chance of gettin in contact with her?? Hahaha….
You: no, i dont her daddy would like for me to be handin out their contact information to strange men.
Stranger: i no i no…. im only messing….
You: haha!
You: What else is new?
Stranger: just a test… wats mileys middle name?
You: hope. her real name is destiny.
Stranger: ok dats weird now lyk…. haha… im a bit skeptic of it actually bein u…. haha….
Stranger: skeptical i mean….
You: well most people would be.
Stranger: wats the name of ur last album…?
You: Sha-Kon-O-Hey!
You: that was a little thing for dollywood.
Stranger: is it not backwards barbie?
You: no, i actually made Sha-Kon-O-Hey! first
You: it was released after CC
Stranger: man this is fair weird….
You: BB*
You: Sha-Kon-O-Hey! isnt very popular, its sold at dollywood but not in stores.
Stranger: ur kinda scarin me now actually thinkin dat it cud be u….
You: haha, your makin me laugh!
Stranger: wats mileys brothers names?
You: trace is her brother in the band
You: and also noah
Stranger: ya i no him… wats his band called?
You: metro station.
Stranger: wat magazine cover wer you on in october of 1978?
You: playboy, but i did NOT get naked
Stranger: what wer ye wearing?
You: bunny ears and a lacey dress
You: black^
Stranger: this is gettin rely weird….
You: its not weird for me, im in a pretty good mood.
Stranger: this is rely weird for me cuz u cud be lyk famous….
You: i love bein famous and puttin a smile on peoples faces :D
Stranger: can u lyk prove dat its u?
You: well not really considerin the type of website we are on.
Stranger: gud point… ah can u lyk go on the dollyworld thing and say sumthin on it?
Stranger: dollywood*
You: you mean the website? or the actual park?
Stranger: website…
You: well i like givin shoutouts, but the herschend family does all the website stuff.
Stranger: ah do u have a fan page thing or sumthing u can write on?
You: well im not good with the internet stuff, every website is run by someone else, they just tell me what the fans say
Stranger: can u send me out stuff 2 my house lyk a signature?
You: u just give out your address like that?
Stranger: well wen its dolly parton lyk i do… hahaha
You: well… do u live in tn
Stranger: no… Ireland… its a bit further away…. Hahaha…
You: well, you can trust that you had a real encounter tonight.
Stranger: nobodys gonna believe me tho… wat time is it over der?
You: 11:01
Stranger: in the mornin?
You: no, at night
Stranger: how am i gonna prove dat its u?
You: well i guess you dont.
You: you copy and paste this chat i suppose.
Stranger: no i wnt do dat….
You: thats fine.
Stranger: ok
Stranger: im after runnin outa things 2 say… haha….
You: ok.
Stranger: do u lyk justin bieber?
You: well he is a fine young man, i dont know too much about him.
Stranger: rite… whos mileys boyfriends name?
You: levi.
Stranger: ohhh kay….
Stranger: i guess i will talk to u later… well not rely lyk.. haha…
You: ok, hun
Stranger: but first can u send me a postcard?!! please?
You: whats ur address
You have disconnected.

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  1. #1 by Anon - August 25th, 2010 at 15:59

    Noah Cyrus is a girl. Get your facts straight before you imitate others. ;D

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  2. #2 by nana - January 5th, 2011 at 16:37

    are you the real dolly parton???

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  3. #3 by admin - January 6th, 2011 at 17:21

    Depends who is asking.

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