Ryan And Timothy!

You: Ryan!?
Stranger: hi.
Stranger: hi.
Stranger: hi.
Stranger: YES.
You: O:
Stranger: TIMOTHY?!
Stranger: O:
You: YA!
Stranger: OMG HAI.
You: OMG! ive missed u!
Stranger: OMG ME TOOO.
You: Under tht rock over on third ave
You: what about u! whereve u been u old fart
Stranger: ahh.
Stranger: under some stairs.
You: O: which ones!
You: the one the squirrels live in?
Stranger: at the dursleys house.
You: no way! thats my moms house!
Stranger: Number 4 Privet Drive
Little Winging, Surrey, England
Stranger: no waaaayy. O:
Stranger: i hate your mom btw.
You: yes way!
You: its ok i do too
You: no one like tht crazy bitch
Stranger: butbut, i love her. D:
You: O:
You: u do!
Stranger: I DO!
You: /: o well i killed her so u wont be seeing her around much
You: yes tis true!
You: it was an accident tho! i swear!
Stranger: you murdered my love. ):
You: im sorry D: she was asking for it!
Stranger: why would you do such a terrible thinggg?
Stranger: i thought we were friends!
Stranger: pals! amigos! buddies!
You: im sorry! its just i had a gun and i got bored and it was all down hill from there!
Stranger: oh noes oh noes.
Stranger: this is why we should have gun control.
You: /: im not good with tht.. u should teach me how to be more safe with my gun
You: its all like bang bang and im like OH NO O:
Stranger: oh, i can teach you more than that. (((((((;
You: mm i bet
Stranger: -insert creepy smile&wink here-
You: O: can u teach me how to make cookie!
You: cookies*
Stranger: omg, cookies! :D
Stranger: and cupcakes.
Stranger: and donuts.
Stranger: doughnuts?
Stranger: donuts.
You: im alergic to doughnuts/ donuts
Stranger: ohnoes. D:
Stranger: i dont like donuts. ):
Stranger: doughnuts are okay.
Stranger: only because theyre spelled british and fancy.
You: they make my throat all tight and my face all red and my body all like IM GONNA DIE!
Stranger: thats not very good. DDD;
You: no not one bit!
Stranger: donuts are to sweet.
You: O.O OMG! Ryan!
Stranger: this is why americans are fat.
Stranger: OMG TIMOTHY!
You: *whispers* theyre back…
Stranger: dun dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun.
You: yes very dun dun dunning… like we should all be scared
You: theyre gonna like do something.. something very very bad
Stranger: like omg. scared. D:
Stranger: bad somethings are bad.
You: ya! and they got carrots!
You: ya! and not dressing to dip in! how tradgic!
Stranger: the torture. OOO:
You: O: mashed peas!? no! anythign but tht
Stranger: mashed broccoli?
You: nope i prefer mashed almonds
Stranger: sorry, we only have mashed babies.
You: theyre the epicness to sweeten my jolly ranchers i tell ya!
Stranger: made with 100% real baby oil! (:
You: O: sounds friggin fancy!
Stranger: well its friggin fantastic!
You: yes very! im quite proud of this accomplishment
You: wanna know something?
Stranger: maybe now my mommy will love meee. (:
Stranger: ooo, yes. yes i do.
You: maybe!
You: someimes..when im alone….
You: i like to o into my basement and dance around in my dinosaur footy pjs
Stranger: D:
Stranger: IM JEALOUS!
Stranger: of your dinosaur footy pjs.
Stranger: although, footy pjs must be a hassle to pee in.
You: nope! i wear Depnds Diapers to save me the trouble… I steal em from my grammy
You: dont tell him tho shhhhhh!
Stranger: im a big kid now. (:
You: O: never!
You: Depends are the way to go!
Stranger: GASP.
Stranger: you dare insult huggies?!
You: yes i do dare
Stranger: i- i dont think this relationships going to work out anymore.
Stranger: sniff sniff.
You: OL
Stranger: WERE THROUGH! D:<
You: O:*
You: what!
You: what! if i give em another chance!
Stranger: i’m done giving you chances!
Stranger: this was the last straw.
You: D: NO! RYAN!
You: we can buy more straws tho!
You: and they can be bendy!
Stranger: you read my mind. O:
You: i read ur mind :D
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: you read my mind again!
Stranger: scary.
You: omg! thts crazy!
Stranger: physcic connection man.
You: its like we were meant to be
Stranger: this is deep stuff.
You: but i ahve a confession…
Stranger: what is it?
Stranger: i can take it, just tell me.
You: Imm…..Im…
You: Im a woman D:
Stranger: OHNOES.
Stranger: i have a confession to..
You: ya.. its true
Stranger: i… LIED TO YOU.
Stranger: IM SO SORRY.
You: O:
You: NO!
Stranger: im not really ryan.
You: tell me it aint so!
Stranger: this is all a lieeee. DDDDD;
Stranger: my whole life is a liee.
You: NO!
Stranger: im a failure.
You: D,:
You: then who are u you imposter!
Stranger: im im…
Stranger: YOUR MOTHER.
You: O: in ghost form!
Stranger: zombie form actually.
You: no wonder why u smelled like smoke, cheap purfume, and paint!
Stranger: actually, that perfume was very expensive.
You: O: how much!
Stranger: $1.89 tyvm.
You: omg!
Stranger: (i stole it from your piggy bank btw)
You: thats so much moneyu!
You: how could u afford such … O:
Stranger: why yes, yes it is
You: witch!
Stranger: this is why you cant go to college
You: /: mom! im disspointed in u.. u needa o die again
Stranger: im spending all our savings on expensive perfume and strippers
You: O: do i get a stripper!
Stranger: but i already came back from the dead
Stranger: no. no you dont. D:<
You: i want one named Mocha tho! but i dont want sex i want her to clean my room
You: not even one?
Stranger: you can have half of one.
You: i want the good half tho!
Stranger: she was on clearance
Stranger: the shamwow guy bite the rest of her body off
Stranger: so you can just have an arm
You: /:
You: thts cool i guess.. i should walk around with it and give ppl hgih fives
Stranger: high fives are overrated.
Stranger: high fours are where its at yo.
You: k then imma need a knife to cut a finger off
You: and then ppl who use five finger! imma slap em!
Stranger: oh theres one in your heart right now.
Stranger: oh look, i killed you. (:
You: damn! not again!
You: what did i tell u about tht!
You: come on mom!
Stranger: whoops, clumsy me.
Stranger: my zombie hand zipped.
Stranger: slipped*
You: u should rlly talk to a theripist about tht
Stranger: butbutbut i killed him too. ):
You: /:

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