Schizophrenic People Talking about Irrelevant Things

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: m f
You: Gosh!! You found me…
Stranger: FINALLY
You: u stalker
Stranger: i just needed to tell you something
Stranger: but you can’t tell anyone..
You: if pigs could fly ? would you fly fly ??or would you fly ?
Stranger: hmmmmm soar prolly
Stranger: but I’m gonna fly like an eagle…not a pig
You: darn, the wind from the west , do u like apples?
Stranger: i like pumpkins
Stranger: theres charlie in the bushes….
You: let me set the cow on the grills right
Stranger: shhhhh!!! they’ll hear you
You: how do u like the kid??fried or baked?
Stranger: broiled
You: its windy , did u finish eating your toilet roll?
Stranger: NO….I don’t want it..
You: is your family around ??
You: the other pedos?
Stranger: they’re long gone
You: get that charlie out of the bush now
Stranger: i can’t bones!!! we’re completely surrounded…our best bet is to sneak to the LZ
Stranger: they came out of the trees man..
You: shhh….om mom om mom
Stranger: you are chewing entirely to loud
You: are u blind? i said shhhh,
Stranger: sorry. carry on
You: do you like ASL ?
Stranger: sorta m 19 usa
You: i meant asian sea lion , you piece of brown bacterial matter
Stranger: thats not real
You: and what’s usa?
Stranger: usa = you eff ay
Stranger: HOLE
You: thats your mouth ????
Stranger: pardon?
You: Pardoned
Stranger: salute
You: have you ever touched yourself in a church ?
You: thinking of the priest ?
Stranger: yea, jesus cut my penie off
You: that was before you underwent the surgery right ?
Stranger: dirka dirka
You: will you marry me ?
Stranger: do you have a moon bounce
You: we’ll mow the garden and grow weed
Stranger: can we have a crack tree
You: you are on a train
Stranger: what ?
You: dont forget to eat your vegetables
Stranger: which ones?
You: Do you like apples?
You: Ok ,, its getting cold, let me teach microsoft justin bieber some banana patriotism with some email
Stranger: BYE
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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