Sexy Omegle

You’re now chatting with a stranger. Say hi :)
You: Hey
Stranger: hey horny girl?
You: oh yeah
You: always
Stranger: haha me 2
You: Great
Stranger: yah
You: I really want something to stuff myself with!
Stranger: i have a big nice piece of meat ;)
You: oh baby
Stranger: i know how big r ur boobs?
You: 34DD
You: big
You: ^^
You: I’m soo horny”
Stranger: oh ya
Stranger: me 2
You: oh oh.. hvent got any clothes on
Stranger: me either im so hard right now
You: ohh
You: give me!
Stranger: oh yah i want u to suck on it
You: ohh wanna taste it
Stranger: i wanna taste u
You: oohhh
You: my nipples
Stranger: oh yah and ur va-jay-jay
You: oh yeah, I just shaved it
You: soo clean
Stranger: thats how i like it
You: ohh my va-jay-jay are lonely
Stranger: oh ur so tight
You: yeah, and you’re so big
You: oh baby do it dot
Stranger: oh yah and u taste so good 2
You: so do you baday so do you, ohh yea, soo goood
Stranger: omg ur so amazing u make me wanna come
You: ohh I’m about to come! give me more give more
You: my legs are moving from side to side!
Stranger: oh me 2 it feels so good! im gonna go faster
You: oh yeah faster faster.. I can feel it
You: ohh
Stranger: oh yah thats right ill slap ur booty-tang sepa-taow
You: wait… what the F? booty-tang sepa-taow?
Stranger: yah its so tight i love it
You’ve disconnected.

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