Sexy partner ;)

You: k so we need to come up with names. wats ur name I can bee anything!
Stranger: How about i’m Jenice and u r?
You: Kyle lol its my actual name
Stranger: ohh
Stranger: Hi, Kyle =)
You: im about 5’11 tan bllk hair brown eyes :D
Stranger: then, continue with your role playing story
You: ok then. its pitch black! and i knock on your window
You: Jenice Jenice i shout your name!
Stranger: then i asked, Kyle, is that u?
You: yea it is i say. You wana let me in!
Stranger: i opened the window
You: I come in! im all soaked from the rain outside!
You: i as you are you okay? you are kinda frighten?
Stranger: then i asked, what happen?
You: i say i jus wanted to see you
Stranger: why do u want to see me? anything happen?, i said
You: Cause i jus do.. i stare… you look so beautiful i say
Stranger: i say, ohh, really?
You: yes very and i approach you.
Stranger: u wanna do something? since u r in my room
You: well since you asked… and i put my arms around and embrace you.
Stranger: then i asked, what r u going to do?
You: then i said dont say another word. and i kissed you
Stranger: and i kissed u back passionately
You: and i held you closerr . and we both walked toward the bed
You: and sat down
Stranger: oh, Kyle, what made u to be so brave?
You: man need to be brave to have a girl l as beautiful as you.
You: i kiss you again and we both all on the bed
You: i hold your arms
You: fall*
Stranger: and i said, Kyle, just do your thing
You: i ask u how do you feel? you want it?
Stranger: i’m feeling very cold and i want u to hold me closer
You: i got you baby. i hold you closer i take off my shirt. and kiss hungrily
You: you*
Stranger: *paused*, whose shirt are u taking off now?
You: my shit not yous yet.
Stranger: haha, ok, *continue*
You: well i take off my shirt. and hold you even tighter
Stranger: and i caress your six packed body
You: i cant hold back i want you. i take off your shirt.
You: i see you luscious Brests
You: in your bra
You: i squeeze my body on them
Stranger: and i helped to take off your pants
You: yea i have my dick out its hard
You: and im like baby make me feel good
Stranger: then u take off my skirts and lavender scented panties
You: i start licking you
You: you start to moan
Stranger: ohh, Kyle, give me more
You: ohh jenice your soo wet. i start to lick you in the cilt
You: clit*
Stranger: and i began to moan louder
You: say my name baby i say. and i put my tounge in you vag
Stranger: oh, KYLE!! i want you!! Kyle
You: i keep licking! you moan really loudly. its sooo wet! i stand up in front of you. i think your turn baby,
You: Make me feel amazing
You: only you can
You: its*
Stranger: i crawl slowly toward u and hold your hand
Stranger: i lead your hand to touch my body
You: pause* ok at this point your suppose to give me a bj
Stranger: i let u lead the way
You: ok then…
You: * continue
You: i hold you head bring it closer to my big cock
You: and you start to lick it
Stranger: and suck it
You: ahh baby ur soo good
You: i love you
You: comee on i want more
Stranger: and i give u more
You: i move it in and out and you keep sucking
You: i gab your head
Stranger: and?
You: well you ned to do your role :/
You: too
Stranger: haha, ok ok
Stranger: *continue*
Stranger: and i said this is enough, we gonna do something more thrilling
You: i cant wait any more. i get on the bed. I really want to. i start kissing you
You: your pussy styll wet
You: i say can i put it in
Stranger: and i said just fcuk me babe
You: i stick it in slowly
You: you moann
You: i start going faster
Stranger: and i keep moaning and calling your name
You: andi love it i go faster
You: i start to kiss you
Stranger: and we are going up and down
You: i start licking your hard niples
Stranger: and i whisper in your ear, saying, Kyle, u r a natural, keep on fcuking me, don’t stop
You: thx baby i say. i go in fast and hard
You: you start to moan
You: i slow down. turned you around.
You: i start doing you from the back
You: i coress you ass
Stranger: u put it in and i lean back to french kiss u
You: i kiss you back!
You: and i start going in harder
Stranger: more harder and the bed started to shake
You: ahh yea i go faster
You: you start to moan
You: I fucking love you
You: i say
Stranger: and i said i love u more, give me all u have
You: Ahh i give it i give it all
You: i cant hold it back any longer i say
You: Cum with me baby i say
Stranger: i’ll follow u
You: i give it one more
You: and i start to cum
Stranger: i’m having high orgasm, do it
You: i go faster. ahh im cumming
You: so hard
You: your pussy felt so tight
Stranger: and u like the feeling of tightness
You: i love it baby!
You: all i jus wana do you all night
Stranger: i’m all yours, baby
You: i squeeze your breasts
You: and play with you niples
Stranger: i ask u to lick them
You: and i do i like then all around
You: jus how you like it
You: your breasts are so soft
Stranger: and i play with ur long hard dick
You: i feel like going for it again i say
Stranger: and i said, i feel the same too
You: you decide how do y wana do it hun what ever you say
Stranger: u pushed me against the wall
Stranger: and fcuked me hard and deep
You: OHH yea you like tht eh! I Go fast! nice and deep ! my big hard cock penetrating your tight pussy
You: I love it!
Stranger: and i say, i know u can do it better, give me your best
You: Ph yea you asked for it baby! I go even harder Im sweating
You: and panting
Stranger: we are sweating and panting and have high orgasm
Stranger: and we become hotter and hotter
You: Ohhh But we styll going at it harrd!
Stranger: real hard
You: And even harder! Starting to come to climax!
Stranger: come on, babe, give me, give me, give
Stranger: ne
Stranger: *me
You: I kno you like my big cock! Yea baby Im giving it! HARRDD!!
Stranger: me neither
Stranger: i moan louder and sexier
You: I give a final hard heavy thrust!
You: MY stuff fills your vigina
Stranger: i say, don’t stop
You: I keep going! Faster then ever! i say I love you baby
Stranger: u going in and out
Stranger: and i say i love u, Kyle, be mine
You: I love you too! I fo the fastest i have gone! you start to scream! Now i really cant hold it back!
You: I have to let it out!
Stranger: and u carried me to the bed
You: and i asked you how was that
Stranger: and i say, that’s the best sex that i ever had
You: Yea that how i do it!
You: i kiss you in the forehead
Stranger: and slowly down my lips
You: I cuddle you in my arms.
Stranger: and whisper to me saying how amazing i am
You: and that i love you.
Stranger: u caress my hair and we both slept
You: in each others arms…
You: ummm
You: sounds like the end.
Stranger: haha
You: haha so how was tht
Stranger: kinda fun
Stranger: haha
Stranger: how about u?
You: Yea of course
Stranger: anyway i got to go now
You: ahahaa ok well
You: bye stranger
You: nice talkin to u
Stranger: haha, ok
Stranger: same her
Stranger: *here
Stranger: bye stranger

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