Slurp My Gravy

You: hey
Stranger: suple
Stranger: moist
You: sounds yummy
Stranger: ASL NOW
You: 17 f canada
Stranger: thankyou
You: yupp
Stranger: 21 m aus
You: cool
Stranger: whats good in canada at the moment
You: nothing really
Stranger: gravy?
You: i dont like gravy
Stranger: why?
You: i dunno, just dont
Stranger: i Looove gravy!
You: then you can have some gravy
Stranger: *slurp slurp slurp* deliceous
You: i like the way you slurp
Stranger: normally I have more table manners but I really like gravy
You: thats okay, ill forgive you
Stranger: great – what do you like to eat?
You: potatos
Stranger: boiled, mashed, fried, baked or other ?????
You: preferably mashed. but theyre alll good
Stranger: but gravy goes so well with mashed potato
You: yeah i know, but i dont like it. you can have the gravy, and ill have the potatos!
Stranger: needs cheese
You: i dont like cheese either
Stranger: Seriously?
You: yeah
You have disconnected.

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