Slutty Punctuation

You: Hello!
Stranger: prepy today are we
You: I don’t really know where that exclamation point came from…
Stranger: loads the gun
Stranger: lol
You: Seriously. I’m tired. That exclamation point is wholly inappropriate in this situation.
Stranger: did you just call yourself a whore??
You: How on earth did you get “whore” from that statement?
Stranger: “inappropriate in this situation.” that applies to a whore in any situation
You: If that’s what I meant by “inappropriate in this situation” I’d be referring to the exclamation point.
Stranger: so that exclamation point is a whore???
You: Which, I guess is true, seeing how it inappropriately whored itself out to my “Hello.”
You: Bad exclamation point!
Stranger: that dirty little slut lol
You: It’s pimp is going to have to give it a stern talking to!
You: Oh, wait.
You: Pimps are for prostitutes, not whores.
Stranger: lol yeah. its parents need to ground it
You: So it’s an underage punctuation slut!
You: The NERVE!
Stranger: Its going to overdose on crack
You: “If only we’d been there for her more!” her upper-middle class mother will sob at the funeral.
Stranger: and the drunken uncle can only laugh
You: Because he was her dealer.
Stranger: lol he made a good profit
You: “She certainly didn’t get it from MY side of the family!” her father will say.
You: It’s parents will divorce soon after, each blaming the other.
Stranger: lol ironically because she was adopted from the hilton family
You: Haha!
Stranger: thats hot
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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