You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: smurf convo?
Stranger: absolutely
Stranger: whats up papa smurf
You: im on my smurfing computer right now
You: what about you smurfy?
Stranger: im smurferific
You: im trying to find some of that smurf fetish porn
Stranger: fansmurfic
You: you know the ones with the smurf testicle in the lady’s smurf
You: im a disgusting person for looking at it aren’t i?
Stranger: anything is better than brazilian fart porn.
You: thats smurf to know
You: or chinese puke porn
Stranger: wow. thats intense
You: i’ve seen it
Stranger: just people vomiting on each other?
You: it was smurfing horrible
Stranger: sounds smurfy
You: anyway, last night i was out with smurfette, and we got behind the smurf bar
You: and guess what?
Stranger: huh?
You: she started smurfing me
Stranger: no way
Stranger: right in the smurfing parkinglot?
You: yep
Stranger: what did you do?
Stranger: did you smurf her back?
You: damn right, after my smurf got a bit smurfier…i smurfed all over her face
Stranger: nice.
You: it was smurftastic
Stranger: i believe they call that a blue blaster.
Stranger: way sick.
You: well it speaks for it’s smurf.
Stranger: i like to smurf all over my girl. i saw it in some chinese porn. she loves it.
You: shut the smurf up!
You: really?
Stranger: she always wants somesmurf
Stranger: so i give it to her.
You: that is freaking smurf man
Stranger: bitch loves that chinese stuff
You: anyway i gotta smurf back to my smurfshroom
You: and get some lovely smurfing with smurfette
You: so i guess ill see ya at the smurf tommorow
Stranger: smurf her brains out. serve the smurf
You: cool, thx bro
You: oh and smurfy
Stranger: ya
You: dont ever smurf
Stranger: i won’t bro
You have disconnected.

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  1. #1 by Madison - May 28th, 2010 at 16:20

    Hahahaha that’s tHe only good one this sites had in a loong time.. Most of the other ones are SRUPID. :DD

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