Straight Guy Catching a Drag Queen

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hey
Stranger: Hi
You: f?
Stranger: Ya
Stranger: Age
You: m 21
You: wbu
Stranger: F 34
You: from?
Stranger: Boston
You: Mumbai
Stranger: Nice
You: where is boston?
Stranger: Us
You: ok
You: i thought ion canada
Stranger: Clode
Stranger: Close
Stranger: Do you have a big pen
You: yes
You: y u asked
Stranger: Really I’m so horrrr-nieeee
Stranger: My brother has a big pen
You: ok
You: so?
You: ur brother ewww
You: u black?
Stranger: We share a room so we see each other changing every day
Stranger: Ya
You: ok
Stranger: Plus I see hi
Stranger: Him yerking off all the time
You: ur english seems non american
Stranger: Idk
Stranger: I guess
You: and what do you do?
Stranger: When I see him changing
Stranger: ?
You: ya
Stranger: Idk I just look
You: you have no BFs?
Stranger: No
You: why?
Stranger: Idk
You: and he has GF?
Stranger: No
You: lol
Stranger: Haga
You: so tell me
Stranger: Tell you what
You: about your horny-ness
Stranger: I’m so horned
You: like a rhino?
Stranger: I guess
Stranger: This one time
You: grrrr screaming and stuff
Stranger: He thought I was asleep
Stranger: And he started yerking off in his bed
Stranger: And I was warching
You: hmm
Stranger: And he came up to me and put his pen all over my face
You: awwwwww
You: it must be quite an experience for you
You: are you a virgin?
Stranger: Ya
Stranger: No
Stranger: Then he put it in and out of my moiyh
Stranger: Mouth
Stranger: And came all over my
Stranger: Face
You: let me guess the pastor from the church took your virginity?
Stranger: No
Stranger: ?
You: salior at navy?
Stranger: No
You: band camp kid?
Stranger: No
You: lemme guess
You: dont tell ok
Stranger: Ok
You: bartender sugar daddy
Stranger: No
You: pool guy jose
Stranger: No
You: gay math teacher?
Stranger: No
You: your best friend in rugby team when u both were drunk?
Stranger: No
You: im out
You: u tell
Stranger: Family friend
Stranger: Babysitting
You: he was babysitting you?
Stranger: Ya
You: and he liked boys only?
Stranger: I guess
You: por you
Stranger: I didn’t know
You: poor you
You: so wats ur name ?
Stranger: John
You: poor guy
Stranger: Ya
You: you do this on net regularly/
Stranger: Kinda
You: u like to be woman on net?
Stranger: Idk kinda
You: any way good luck john..why dont you tell ur gay and want partner?
Stranger: Idk
You: then u can avoid straight guys like me making fun of you
Stranger: I dont car
You: ok bbye
Stranger: My babysitter spilled hely on y jeans
Stranger: And tried to rub it lit
Stranger: Out
Stranger: And I got hard
You: oh cant take this anymore bye
You have disconnected.

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