Surviving the Storyteller.

You: You are in a darkened room, feeling dizzy. You sit up slowly – what do you do next?
Stranger: turn on the ligh
Stranger: light
Stranger: is it some kind of test?
You: You fumble around for the light switch, flicking it on. The room appears rather drab.
You: From outside you hear a low rumble. Do you investigate?
Stranger: sure
You: You decide to go outside. The sun is low in the west. From the direction of the rumble, you see the city and smoke rising.
You: South is the beach.
You: Which way do you go?
Stranger: to the beach
You: You decided to leave the sound after all. On your way to the beach, you see many wrecked cars across the road. As you approach the beach, you notice there are no people. While you contemplate this, you hear footsteps behind you!
You: Turn or run?
Stranger: run far away and turn.
You: You make a quick dash until you are at the dock. Looking back at the road, you see the person….but there is something wrong.
You: They seem expressionless, dead even.
You: Zombie!
Stranger: cool!
You: On the floor is a baseball bat. Do you attack?
Stranger: then i’m gonna plant some plants~
Stranger: sure
You: You take the bat in your hand, gleeful in this moment of awesome. You charge at the zombie, screeching “Yaarrrrgggh”
You: One blow slashes through the zombie, his body slopping down on the ground.
You: Before he finally dies, he lets out a low rumble.
You: What now?
You: A loud graaagh comes from the direction of the city…
Stranger: kill him
You: the zombie is dead already
Stranger: fine
You: you notice a building fall
You: Suddenly, a zombie appears from behind a shop! It is coming quickly towards you! ACT NOW!
You: It is close!
Stranger: use the bat to attack it
You: You swing madly at the zombie, just as it raises it’s arms!
You: SMACK – it loses it;s head in one blow
You: The body tumbles to the floor, writhing.
You: You see a car nearby that doesn’t seem damaged. take it?
Stranger: take it
Stranger: hope there is no zombie in it
You: You get in. The keys are just inside the glove compartment, how simple.
You: The engine stutters to a start. You hear a loud roar nearby!
You: Where do you go?
Stranger: run away
Stranger: go as far as possible
You: You abandon the vehicle, dashing into the street again.
You: You were just in time, as two zombies leap off a building onto the car, breaking it’s roof in
You: Down the road you sprint until you can go no further needing breath.
You: It seems clear for now.
You: Up ahead you see a wal-mart.
You: To your left is a cliff, while to your right is another road of houses
Stranger: to the right
You: You make your way down the road. You notice some houses are burned out while others are fine. As you near the end of the road, a lady steps out of her house, shotgun raised.
Stranger: tell her that i am not
You: You look shocked at her, then shout back ” I am not a zombie! I am alive! Don’t you see!”
You: She eyes you over carefully. “Alive you say? Huh, why should I believe you?”
Stranger: how do i know ;(
You: You ponder a moment. None of those other zombies talked. Maybe that can help
Stranger: keep talking to her
Stranger: and tell her that zombie don’t talk
You: “Well, er…they attacked me. And don’t zombies only growl, not talk? I am talking aren’t I”
You: “Hmm, true true.” She says, lowering her gun.
You: “You can come in, but I’m watching you…”
You: Go in?
Stranger: sure
You: You enter the house with her. The room is wood panelled but dull. You see a small girl in there with her, probably about 6.
You: “I..I’m clare.” Says the girl.
You: “What is your name?”
Stranger: emma
You: “I am Emma.” You reply. “What happened here Clare?”
You: “I…I dunno much. Mummy t..told me people were going a bit crazy, attacking p..people.”
You: You hear a scream from the next room, where the lady went!
You: What do you do?
Stranger: check it out
You: You tell Clare to stay put, moving into the next room. You see the lady on the floor, a zombie laying over her. Both seem lifeless.
You: The shotgun is at her side, pointing at the zombie.
Stranger: pick it up
Stranger: kill the zombie
You: You pick up the shotgun carefully. The zombie stirs at your presence, but you quickly end that.
You: Clare dashes through, then cries at the sight.
You: She runs out through the front door again. Do you follow or search the house?
Stranger: follow
You: You run out after her. You find her stood in the street, bawling her eyes out.
You: You briefly comfort the girl.
You: “W-why did that man attack mummy?” She asks between sobs
You: You tell the girl a small tale about the zombies, avoiding gore.
You: Suddenly, she goes pale white, and screams at something behind you!
You: Quick!!!
Stranger: run away with the girl
You: You pick up the girl and run. A quick glance behind and you see the lady at the doorway, face expressionless.
You: Up ahead you see another car. Take it or move on?
Stranger: sorry to disrupt when will this adventure end..
Stranger: take it
You: when you die or get out.
Stranger: interesting
Stranger: but i gotta go
You: You take the car, quickly hotwiring it. The girl clambers in without asking where you are going to go.
Stranger: so am i dead?
You: You speed off towards the higway, making it out of the city altogether
You: A few zombies litter the road, but the path seems to be for freedom.
You: What caused this, you don’t know. For now, you must go on. Find somewhere safe.
You: Thankyou for playing.
Stranger: thank you for offering
Stranger: such an interesting anventure
Stranger: bye :)
You: Epilogue: Life continues in towns. A news report says they found the cause…
You: You overhear a scientist is trying to use the research
You: was that a rumble?
You: :D

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