Sweet Mentoring Moments (Stranger is 11, I am 13)

Stranger: hi
You: Yola, Can you be a person that doesn’t hang up on me randomly, please? Or those Masturbating weirdos….
Stranger: Yesh.
Stranger: I can.
Stranger: ;D
You: xD
Stranger: lol
Stranger: I was about to say: “hi. i am gunvir singh. i live in punjab. i am eating my curry.”
Stranger: Thats what I said to everyone and they instantly disconnected! :P
Stranger: America.
Stranger: Omg
Stranger: do you hear that amy winehouse did
Stranger: died’8
Stranger: Died&
Stranger: Deid****
Stranger: Died********
You: Yeah..
You: Sad
Stranger: Oh.. I didnt know who she was..
Stranger: LOL.
You: I loved her voice.. she was only 6 years older than me.
Stranger: Oh em gee.
Stranger: Your 21?
Stranger: LMAO.
Stranger: Im 11.
You: Yeah…. xD But trust me. I’m not a pedo.
You: xDD Wow.. Okay, 21 is my fake age. I’m 13.. xD
Stranger: Ooo.
You: I’m scared of the pedophiles.. xD
Stranger: ARE YOU SURE.
Stranger: : O
You: Yes. I have recently shaved for the first time. xD
Stranger: Are you sure you didnt just change your age…
Stranger: JayKay.
Stranger: lol
You: I just say Jkay… But I’m gonna use that from now on. xd
Stranger: 0.0
Stranger: KayJay
Stranger: Hmm
Stranger: that sounds cooler
You: Sounds like a name.
You: ()-()
Stranger: Katy Perries cat is called Kitty Purry.
You: I know. xD
You: Adrien…
Stranger: Lady GaGa thinks herself as a monster.
Stranger: Im not adrien.
Stranger: o.O
You: You remind me of my little buddy Adrien
You: xD
Stranger: ooo
Stranger: So, does middle school suck?
Stranger: I heard it does.
Stranger: I dont want to go.
You: I’m going to High School, dude.
Stranger: Um
Stranger: You said 13/
Stranger: And,
Stranger: Isnt that a middle school agee.
Stranger: age…*
Stranger: im typing to fast.
You: Yeah.. 14 in Decmeber.. over here you can decide if your child is older than everyone or younger than everyone in their grade.
You: It’s okay. xD
You: (My mom chose younger)
Stranger: ooo
You: Katy perry’s ON SNL performing California Gurls
Stranger: Thats cool
You: And Lady Gaga is called the Mother Monster
Stranger: I know that.
You: But, sorry.. Middle school
You: Umm
Stranger: I follow Mother Monster on Twitter, and in her biography it states “Mother MonsTer”
Stranger: The T is capatalized for the cross.
Stranger: a.k.a, The Fame MonsTer.
You: I see.. xD
You: Calm down kid, I’m gonna tell you about middle schoo
You: l
Stranger: Okay.
Stranger: I already know the basics, “DONT HANGOUT WITH POPULAR KIDS, DONT TRY TO “FIT IN” etc.
Stranger: lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalallalalallallalalallalalalalalalalalal
You: Honestly, 6th grade and 8th grade were both pretty cool years, but 7th grade is the worst because that’s the year when you find out who your true friends are, and really sucked for me. Some people were jerks and I found out that some where using me.. So yeah. I even wanted to kill myself in 7th, but I realized that I’m better than that, and I found out I wanted to be a Youth Minister-Pediatrician with a degree in Musical Theater (I love Kids, Always wanted to be a doctor, Love Singing and Music in General, and Love Acting, and God and Jesus are my personal Saviors.)
Stranger: Ooo.
Stranger: My sister told me that she felt like an ugly duckling in Middle School and she grew up into the swan in High School. LOL xD
You: That’s a good description too. xD
You: ‘Cept I’m not a girl.
Stranger: Yesh.
Stranger: Indeed.
Stranger: .
Stranger: :
Stranger: Im bored.
You: xD Wanna know about shaving?
Stranger: o.o
Stranger: Nah, Im not interested in puberty.
Stranger: It sickens me actually.
Stranger: ..
You: When i was 11, I wanted to know.. I’m just gonna tell you how I felt.
You: xD
Stranger: Eh, ok.
Stranger: Wow, before you go, did you notice that the “strangers online” bar grows in the night instead of day.. Okay, so go on.
You: Okay, so.. I’m terrified of growing up, and when 20 of my friends told me I had to shave my super long sideburns, I got all terrified. So, I shaved for the first time Wednesday, I was excited and nervous.
Stranger: Lol.
You: It’s starting to come back in.. xD
Stranger: Humanity is strange.
You: Yesh. It is.
Stranger: Sometimes, I ask myself how everything was created. How god was created, who created god, who created everything.
Stranger: And.. theres no answer.
You: I did in 7th grade, then realized that God is half of who I am. xD If not, 110%
Stranger: oo.
Stranger: Well, I’m tired.
You: Awwww.. kay… you’re pretty amazing.
Stranger: Wait
You: Do you have a facebook?
You: xD
Stranger: Yesh.
Stranger: Facebook.com/bloofoo
Stranger: Add meh
You: Friend: Jamal Davis Neal, Jr. I’m black.
Stranger: Okay.
You: BYE!!!!!
Stranger: Bye!

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