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FBI pedo hunting

You: Hello there sir
You: I’m investigator Norman Jayden, FBI
Stranger: Awesome.
You: May I ask you a few questions?
Stranger: Yep.
You: have you seen any pedophiles around here lately sir?
Stranger: To be honest, this is the first conversation I’ve had in several weeks, so, I
Stranger: ‘m not particularly aware of the goings-on now.
Stranger: Maybe they’re all hiding.
You: I see, thank you sir
You: Do you have a clue of where their hideout may be?
You: Or an idea who I should speak to?
Stranger: 4chan, perhaps.
You: Ah, thanks
You: Finally:
You: May I ask your permission to try and post this conversation on omegle chats?
Stranger: Go for it, awesome person!
You: Thank you sir
You: I wish you a fine day, and you know who to contact when you run into pedophiles
Stranger: Norman Jayden, FBI.
You: Thank you
You: Thank you for your time sir
You have disconnected.

I have slightly edited this chat and yes, I used the name of a Heavy Rain character because I am not creative.

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