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bond is dead

You: daniel craig sucks
Stranger: Who the hell is Daniel craig?
Stranger: do you have a personal vendetta against daniel craig??
You: i do
Stranger: Why?
You: he killed bond
Stranger: Well, he’s the one before the next great one to come out.
Stranger: Not his fault he has to deal with being a shatty bond
You: he literally killed him. in casino royale he gets poisned and flat lines for a minute
Stranger: But it’s wicked awesome how he comes back.
You: not really
Stranger: What other bond have you seen do that?
You: none
You: because they don’t die
Stranger: True.
You: and they don’t stay all sad and depressed about the same lady for 2 whole movies
Stranger: Very true.
You: yep
Stranger: He’s a pu55y chaser.
You: aren’t they all though
Stranger: They? As in men?
You: as in bond
Stranger: Indeed.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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