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Become a dinosaur

Stranger: hi
You: hey
You: i’m a dinsaur
Stranger: WHAT?
You: *dinosaur
Stranger: no way!
You: yup!!!
Stranger: i always wanted to be a dinosaur
You: oh… big bang theory… so true
Stranger: very
You: its easy to become a dinosaur
Stranger: thats crazy talk
You: you just have to win a game of five card poker against a unicorn. play against fred, he’s got a crap poker face
Stranger: o rly?
Stranger: im pretty good at poker
You: then you should become a dinosaur
Stranger: but then what kind of dinosaur?
Stranger: i dont wanna be some loser kind
You: skankasoaurus. it’s a t rex’s long lost cousin
Stranger: hmmmm….
Stranger: ill do it!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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