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Another Prosaic Attempt at Cybersex By A Couple of 15 Year Old Dudes

Stranger: ima guy
You: okey….
Stranger: u horny
You: a little :P
Stranger: wanna hve cyber
You: whats that?
Stranger: sex on the computer
You: …..okey
Stranger: u should suk my penis
You: okey
Stranger: oh its 8 inches long
You: *sucking*
Stranger: oh yea
You: *moving my head up and down*
Stranger: ur a pro
You: tnx
You: *playing with my tounge over your penis*
Stranger: now ima put you on my penis
You: cant you eat me first
Stranger: ok liks vagina
You: nice
Stranger: tounges
You: mmyes
Stranger: keeps goin
You: ohyes
Stranger: u can get on top of me
You: *climbs ontop*
Stranger: *bounces up and down*
You: *grab my boobs*
Stranger: ohhh yea
You: yes baby
Stranger: your vagin is nice
You: tnx
You: i like you penis
Stranger: oh ima bouta cum where u want it
You: in my ass plz
Stranger: ok *puts penis in ass*
You: *moans as you enter*
Stranger: yea
You: fuck my ass babe
Stranger: ok* goes hard*
You: oh fuck
Stranger: fuk yea
You: strecht my ass babe
Stranger: ohh its nice and big
You: your penis feels good
Stranger: thnx
You: no problem
You: omg
You: im cumming
You: FUCK!
Stranger: ohhhhhhh
You: damn… i came
Stranger: yes
You: you are good
Stranger: thnx, that was awsome
You: your welcome
Stranger: bye
You: bye

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