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dirty man (admin note: HIGHLY UNORIGINAL)

You: hey
Stranger: m/f
You: f from nyc
Stranger: m
Stranger: age?
You: 18 you
Stranger: 18
You: we you from wats your name
You: were*
Stranger: australia
You: im from mexico
Stranger: nicee
Stranger: you horny?
You: yeah my names joanne
Stranger: ok
You: why are you horny
Stranger: just am
You: do you wanna have cyber dirty talk
Stranger: that or cam
You: i have no cam
Stranger: pics?
You: yeah loads
Stranger: can i see some
Stranger: u got msn or skype?
You: 2 secs
You: how big is it
Stranger: 8inch
You: phaaa
Stranger: what
You: thats small :P
Stranger: BS hahha
You: were you from
Stranger: australia
You: is that england
Stranger: nooo
Stranger: its its own country
You: ok wales
Stranger: what
You: oh i knew that
Stranger: r u serious
You: yep i am i have a tight little kittyyyy meow ;)
You: cat
Stranger: nice
You: its so annoying
Stranger: so do u have msn or skype?
You: big things scare my cat
You: yeah
You: im from heathrow
Stranger: which one?
You: in england
Stranger: i know
You: how do you know
Stranger: whats ur msn or skype na,e
Stranger: i know where heathrow is
Stranger: lol
You: im not telling you im a man you sick nooob

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