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Romatic chat with a canadian girl

You: hi
Stranger: hello!
You: m?
Stranger: f
You: age?
Stranger: 18
You: ok
You: i am 22
You: male
You: USA
Stranger: canada
You: its cold in canada right?
You: i am in the south
You: its hot here
Stranger: lol i bet…uhh yeah right now it’s a bit chilly
Stranger: :P
You: you go to high school or college?
Stranger: finishing high school
You: good
You: i am finishing university
Stranger: nice!
You: so what’s your plan
Stranger: a year off to work to earn money for university for the following year
You: what you want to study ? medicine nursing ?
Stranger: nope, thinking more of history and english
You: history is quite easy ,,try english
You: you can teach high school or middle school
You: or even become a journalist
Stranger: thats the plan lol high school
You: so you are single,,,
You: no boyfriend
Stranger: no boyfriend!
You: no girlfriend !
Stranger: haha :)
You: same boat
Stranger: sounds like it
You: it’s kind a hard to get a girl friend…
You: but its super easy to get a boy friend
Stranger: but! it’s not easy to find a good boyfriend
You: what you mean by good boyfriend?
You: most people are good until they do something bad
Stranger: i guess
You: girls are good
You: at least that’s what everyone thinks
Stranger: haha good point
You: you can’t blame a girl even if she sleeps with 10 guys
You: look she was just feeling lonely …lol
Stranger: lol but there’s always the cliche double standard
You: true
You: guys have to do all the approaching
Stranger: depends on the girl
You: most girls are passive …atleast from my experience
Stranger: fair enough
Stranger: most, but not all
You: aggressive girls are considered bad girls
You: so i assume that most girls want to maintain their reputation and don’t make the first move :)
Stranger: ahh that makes sense
You: do you want to marry an unemployed man ? just asking
Stranger: i guess it would depend on where i was at in my life
You: but guys are expected to marry unemployed woman
Stranger: expected to?
You: yes in my culture
You: i am american indian
Stranger: ohh i see
You: i am afraid of getting married
You: it will be a serious melodrama to start a family on one income or one job…
You: assuming the economy is unstable all the time and there is no guarantee of job loss or job retention ha ha :))
Stranger: lol :P
You: sounds a bit robotic
You: calculative, mathematical, hard hearted logical
Stranger: getting married?
You: i want to … but won’t
You: until i find my rich princess driving a ferarri coming to pick me up ha ha :))
Stranger: lmao good luck with that plan
You: that’s cinderella plan
You: i believe men and women are equal
You: so .. i think we should rewrite the fairy tales…
You: a rich strong woman rescuing a poor weak guy from the dragons and evils
You: imagine a feminine version of Shrek rescuing shrek from the dragons
Stranger: lolol kinda hard to picture
You: but won’t it be quite romantic
You: ha ha
Stranger: oh totally
Stranger: :p
You: i was looking at the statistics
You: millions of people are choosing to stay single
You: looks like people like the idea of fornicating and going straight to hell …
Stranger: you think that people will go to hell if they have sex before marriage?
You: that’s what all bible says girl!
You: thou shalt not have sex before thy marriage
Stranger: im not religious so i wouldnt know :p
Stranger: haha
You: atleast you went to a church once in your lifetime ! lol
Stranger: well…i’ve been in churches…but never attented a sermon
Stranger: *attended
You: i was chatting with one girl and she was telling that marriage is slavery for woman
You: an independent woman has the right to enjoy the freedom of professional lifestyle
You: an independent woman will not cook and clean for her husband and kids like a maid servant
Stranger: well
You: quite a good strong point … the keyword “independent”
Stranger: i think if a woman chooses to cook and clean that’s her own choice but she shouldn’t have to…i think those kind of chores should be shared equally
You: but things are automated now
You: the washing machine clean the clothes, the cooker cooks the food, the kitchens are mostly electronic
Stranger: the cooker cooks the food? who is this cooker
Stranger: or what
Stranger: i guess lol
You: automated cooking device
Stranger: a lot of preparation still has to go into food
You: true .
You: sometimes i think sleeping with someone before marriage is gross and nasty
Stranger: oh really?
You: i mean if you can sleep with someone before marriage what does that tell you about that person’s character?
You: the guy cannot hold his sexual feelings and urges and more likely to sleep around after getting married anyway ! sounds like a logical thing to me
Stranger: i disagree
You: let’s hear your point of view
You: you can tell… the guy is terribly in love and needs to express his untamed passion through physical touch
Stranger: but i don’t think that there’s anything wrong with that
You: i mean if you love a guy… tell him…lets get married now
You: i mean there is a church in every neighborhood…let’s go to heaven together lol
Stranger: i guess if you’re religious that’s the way to go
Stranger: but something to keep in mind, 60% of all marriage ends in divorce
You: in my college town half of all girls are not virgin and most of those have STD
Stranger: i think that’s a generalization
You: that’s a statistics taught in the biology class.
You: i don’t know the validity of the claim
Stranger: but then that’s their own fault for not being safe about it
You: may be i am just a paranoid ..
Stranger: haha maybe
Stranger: :p
You: relationship means going to hell or getting infected with herpes or gonorrhea
Stranger: apparently…
Stranger: lol
You: and even if we get married then there is a 60% chance that the woman will leave me with her kids
You: ha ha that’s quite scary
Stranger: haha yeah i guess so!
You: so i think i need to take the easiest route… marry some illiterate woman and become the shrek saving the woman from her miserable situation
You: you can’t atleast leave me …if you got no job woman!!!
Stranger: lol thats such a negative way of looking at it
You: white woman won’t marry me
You: so in my case it’s a very practical and realistic situation
Stranger: i see
You: that’s a minority cultural issue.
You: you have african candians in canada ?
Stranger: of course…canada has many immigrants
You: there is lots of african americans in the south
You: love the loud rap music…
Stranger: nothing wrong with rap
You: that’s a good music
You: nothing wrong with rap
Stranger: mhmm
You: but the most interesting thing is their lifestyle..
Stranger: what’s your opinion on drug use
You: i don’t do drug
You: so i have no idea
You: i don’t even drink alcohol
You: i just shut my door and sleep or study or just hang around in chat rooms
You: the big nerd , boring dude
Stranger: you’ve never had any kind of alcohol?
Stranger: not even wine?
Stranger: champagne?
You: no wine, no alcohol, no sex, no drugs . no girlfriend…just a boring nerd
You: i live the lifestyle of something lesser than a priest
Stranger: do you enjoy yourself?
You: enjoy myself ?
Stranger: like do you enjoy the way you live
You: yes i do find my solitary lifestyle quite productive
Stranger: then that’s all that matters
You: i can read books
Stranger: eventually you will find what’s right for you
Stranger: or who
You: i can read websites
You: may be some nerdy girl will approach me
You: and say hey dude …can you solve this calculus problem
Stranger: haha maybe, but she must also be shy
You: and might say….we should really hangout in the library and solve more algebra in our free time
You: and I will say… oh yes from Einstienian point of view imagination is more important than the real thing
You: and who knows what will happen next
Stranger: who knowssssssss
Stranger: maybe you might even end up fucking :o
Stranger: lmao im joking
You: lol
You: no that’s wont’ happen
You: i will say ” thou shalt not have sex on our first date to go jump into hell fire”
You: and the girl will be impressed and say ” dude, marry me now”
Stranger: yes, that’s exactly what will happen
You: and we will live happily ever after
You: reproduce exact replica nerds like us who will conquer the world with their brains
You: and follow our footsteps to “what they call *academic success*
Stranger: sounds good
You: wow i wrote a romantic futuristic story
Stranger: your version of romance :)
You: hell yeah! i am going to wait for that nerdy girl even if she appears after 20 years
You: getting married at the age of 42 …not a bad idea… it’s worth waiting for that kind of girl
Stranger: haha yeah i guess so!
Stranger: i’m not that kind of girl
You: so you party
Stranger: not necessarily
You: you go to college on some downtown party
You: and catch some guy
Stranger: nope
Stranger: first of all
Stranger: i’m not in college yet lol
You: you will be within a few years
Stranger: 2nd of all, i’m not the type of person to go to huge parties
Stranger: however
You: sorry if i offended you
Stranger: i do enjoy “partying” with a group of friends
You: no
Stranger: no i dont?
You: i am super boring
You: in real life
You: i can open up in chatrooms
You: but in real life i am quite unapproachable
Stranger: i think i’m very approachable in real life
Stranger: i’m always smiling lol
You: i am always stiff and strict
Stranger: that’s no fun
You: that’s how i am
You: i tried to change but don’t feel comfortable showing an artificial smile
Stranger: doesn’t have to be artificial
Stranger: mine isn’t
You: i don’t feel like hitting the disconnect button.
You: may be we can be chat friends ….or
You: you can just hit the disconnect button and disappear !!! lol
Stranger: lol well i’m off to have dinner anyways
Stranger: nice talking to you

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missing vowels

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: no homo but i love you dude
Stranger: hii
Stranger: asl
You: how about you?
Stranger: m/f
You: f….but thats not important! do you love me back?
Stranger: wt hppn
Stranger: whre r u frm
You: are you just going to ignore the fact that i love you? (no homo of course)
Stranger: k so gv me ur no i cal u
Stranger: wt hppn
You: haha dude….i dont love you that much=D cause….like i said no homo
Stranger: k wts ur mname
You: why do you keep saying wt hppn?
You: wt hppn to your vowels? get hungry? did they taste good?
Stranger: k
You: my names aimee but you can call me m
You: seeing how vowels are your enemy…
Stranger: so gv me ur no.
You: haha haha ahah bye look on omegle chats for this! i might make it this time=)
You have disconnected.

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Micky Dee’s Ass

Omegle conversation log2011-02-24
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: no, sorry
Stranger: awh ratz
Stranger: blame it on the goose~ gotcha feelin loose
You: i can say hot dogs in french- hot dogs
Stranger: hawt dawgs
You: lol how funky is ur chicken?
Stranger: fucky enough to be processed into mcdonalds….
You: fucky?
Stranger: funky**
Stranger: lol
You: oh ok lol nom nom chicken nuggets lol
Stranger: do you know how they make those>
You: yuppers i watched supersize me :D
Stranger: they grind up chickens with large breasts
Stranger: its such a turn on
Stranger: ya know
Stranger: me and my 300 pounds enjoy that shit
Stranger: like UNF UNF UNF
You: lol
You: have u ever seen supersize me…
You: with whiskey?
Stranger: u dtf my large ass? big bottomed girls make da world go round
Stranger: harharhar
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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Beware of [.NIMP.ORG] Omegle Virus

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: heey
You: heyy
Stranger: wheree u from
You: texas you?
Stranger: new yorkk
You: awesomee
Stranger: u f or m
Stranger: im f
You: m
Stranger: cann u raatee me
You: sure descibe yourself plzz
Stranger: howw oldd are u tho
You: 17 you??

omegle girls

Stranger: im in the green&blackk
You: kk hold on
You: dangg you’re finee
You: 10!
Stranger: thaaanks !
You: no prob :)
Stranger: wudd u bang me
You: sure wouldd :)
Stranger: urr turn
Stranger: picc
You: well, it’s not a tinyurl site, its this other one :P
You: http://omeglebeta**
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Admin note: do not visit any domain located at ***, I have removed the actual URL upon inspection. The domain contains malware which resulted in an average increase of 18 new processes on the host computer.

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Samantha The Underage Omegle Girl

~You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!~

Stranger: Samantha……about last night….
You: yes?
Stranger: I……I slept with your sister…….after the party……..
You: RICK!! How could you?!!?
Stranger: I’m sorry!
Stranger: We were drunk!
You: she’s only 14!
You: what were you thinking?
Stranger: She is?! She said she was 17!
You: how could you do this to me?
You: how could you do this to her?
Stranger: I…..I was drunk Sam!
Stranger: I talked to her a minute ago, she said that it was fine!
You: she’s only saying that to give you ease of mind, she’s like that
You: but deep down she’s going to suffer for the rest of her life because of this
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Horsey Matters

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: I’m a Dude looking for horny hot chick with pictures on fb and is willing to talk dirty
You: oh god i could never do that oh boy oh god now im having as mental breakdown oh god no oh boy
Stranger: ?????
You: cant.. breathe…
Stranger: Yeah babe…do it…
Stranger: ur getting me horny and hard
You: oh god oh god what have i done oh boy
Stranger: did he cum in you
You: what the… i cant even..
Stranger: cant even what??
You: now im crying
You: why make me cry
You: ?!!
Stranger: are u a dude…
You: oh god no
Stranger: are u hot and horny
You: arggggggg i cant even breathe!
You: my tears are ruining my laptop
You: oh god
You: oh boy
Stranger: dont kill yourself
You: its too much
Stranger: whats too much…talk to me…
Stranger: relax
Stranger: tell me whats going on??
You: i am..
You: a horse
Stranger: =_=???
You: i knew you wouldnt undestand my troubles D:
You: understand*
Stranger: welll…if u explain it to me…maybe i would
You: well i think my hooves are quite big…
Your conversational partner has disconnected

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Never Too Old

Stranger: old man?
You: yes?
Stranger: I’m 13 f and wanna be touched by an older guy
You: oh
You: well, how is that possible to do over omegle
Stranger: how old r u
You: ?
Stranger: what’s ur age
You: whats your target age?
Stranger: over 35
You: lucky for you i am 39
Stranger: I’m really tight
You: we should set a time and place for this to happen
Stranger: yeas
You: LYKE OMMMMGGGG REALLLYYYZ!!!!!!!!! **&^%$%$^% :-********
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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Omegle Girls #2


Well due to the influx of emails I got yesterday in response to the original omegle girls post, I decided I would start the day off right with once again entertaining all of you with a little collection of pics.

Hottest Omegle Girl Ever

Sent in by Amir, thank you very much Amir. According to Amir, the back story is that he met this girl (Cassie) on Omegle, and wooed her with his Indian charm. Sparks were flying and Amir claims that the very power of Shiva was coursing through his veins as she asked him if he had heard of a book Kite Runner. This having been the third instance of a white female asking Amir if he had read the novel, he understood quickly that the correct answer was yes, and that indeed his great-cousin was related to the original Amir.

And yes, the whole thing with the Kite really did happen. Bottom line, everyone should be thanking Amir for wooing this white female and getting her to send him special pictures (which he has so kindly provided above).

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