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Romatic chat with a canadian girl

You: hi
Stranger: hello!
You: m?
Stranger: f
You: age?
Stranger: 18
You: ok
You: i am 22
You: male
You: USA
Stranger: canada
You: its cold in canada right?
You: i am in the south
You: its hot here
Stranger: lol i bet…uhh yeah right now it’s a bit chilly
Stranger: :P
You: you go to high school or college?
Stranger: finishing high school
You: good
You: i am finishing university
Stranger: nice!
You: so what’s your plan
Stranger: a year off to work to earn money for university for the following year
You: what you want to study ? medicine nursing ?
Stranger: nope, thinking more of history and english
You: history is quite easy ,,try english
You: you can teach high school or middle school
You: or even become a journalist
Stranger: thats the plan lol high school
You: so you are single,,,
You: no boyfriend
Stranger: no boyfriend!
You: no girlfriend !
Stranger: haha :)
You: same boat
Stranger: sounds like it
You: it’s kind a hard to get a girl friend…
You: but its super easy to get a boy friend
Stranger: but! it’s not easy to find a good boyfriend
You: what you mean by good boyfriend?
You: most people are good until they do something bad
Stranger: i guess
You: girls are good
You: at least that’s what everyone thinks
Stranger: haha good point
You: you can’t blame a girl even if she sleeps with 10 guys
You: look she was just feeling lonely …lol
Stranger: lol but there’s always the cliche double standard
You: true
You: guys have to do all the approaching
Stranger: depends on the girl
You: most girls are passive …atleast from my experience
Stranger: fair enough
Stranger: most, but not all
You: aggressive girls are considered bad girls
You: so i assume that most girls want to maintain their reputation and don’t make the first move :)
Stranger: ahh that makes sense
You: do you want to marry an unemployed man ? just asking
Stranger: i guess it would depend on where i was at in my life
You: but guys are expected to marry unemployed woman
Stranger: expected to?
You: yes in my culture
You: i am american indian
Stranger: ohh i see
You: i am afraid of getting married
You: it will be a serious melodrama to start a family on one income or one job…
You: assuming the economy is unstable all the time and there is no guarantee of job loss or job retention ha ha :))
Stranger: lol :P
You: sounds a bit robotic
You: calculative, mathematical, hard hearted logical
Stranger: getting married?
You: i want to … but won’t
You: until i find my rich princess driving a ferarri coming to pick me up ha ha :))
Stranger: lmao good luck with that plan
You: that’s cinderella plan
You: i believe men and women are equal
You: so .. i think we should rewrite the fairy tales…
You: a rich strong woman rescuing a poor weak guy from the dragons and evils
You: imagine a feminine version of Shrek rescuing shrek from the dragons
Stranger: lolol kinda hard to picture
You: but won’t it be quite romantic
You: ha ha
Stranger: oh totally
Stranger: :p
You: i was looking at the statistics
You: millions of people are choosing to stay single
You: looks like people like the idea of fornicating and going straight to hell …
Stranger: you think that people will go to hell if they have sex before marriage?
You: that’s what all bible says girl!
You: thou shalt not have sex before thy marriage
Stranger: im not religious so i wouldnt know :p
Stranger: haha
You: atleast you went to a church once in your lifetime ! lol
Stranger: well…i’ve been in churches…but never attented a sermon
Stranger: *attended
You: i was chatting with one girl and she was telling that marriage is slavery for woman
You: an independent woman has the right to enjoy the freedom of professional lifestyle
You: an independent woman will not cook and clean for her husband and kids like a maid servant
Stranger: well
You: quite a good strong point … the keyword “independent”
Stranger: i think if a woman chooses to cook and clean that’s her own choice but she shouldn’t have to…i think those kind of chores should be shared equally
You: but things are automated now
You: the washing machine clean the clothes, the cooker cooks the food, the kitchens are mostly electronic
Stranger: the cooker cooks the food? who is this cooker
Stranger: or what
Stranger: i guess lol
You: automated cooking device
Stranger: a lot of preparation still has to go into food
You: true .
You: sometimes i think sleeping with someone before marriage is gross and nasty
Stranger: oh really?
You: i mean if you can sleep with someone before marriage what does that tell you about that person’s character?
You: the guy cannot hold his sexual feelings and urges and more likely to sleep around after getting married anyway ! sounds like a logical thing to me
Stranger: i disagree
You: let’s hear your point of view
You: you can tell… the guy is terribly in love and needs to express his untamed passion through physical touch
Stranger: but i don’t think that there’s anything wrong with that
You: i mean if you love a guy… tell him…lets get married now
You: i mean there is a church in every neighborhood…let’s go to heaven together lol
Stranger: i guess if you’re religious that’s the way to go
Stranger: but something to keep in mind, 60% of all marriage ends in divorce
You: in my college town half of all girls are not virgin and most of those have STD
Stranger: i think that’s a generalization
You: that’s a statistics taught in the biology class.
You: i don’t know the validity of the claim
Stranger: but then that’s their own fault for not being safe about it
You: may be i am just a paranoid ..
Stranger: haha maybe
Stranger: :p
You: relationship means going to hell or getting infected with herpes or gonorrhea
Stranger: apparently…
Stranger: lol
You: and even if we get married then there is a 60% chance that the woman will leave me with her kids
You: ha ha that’s quite scary
Stranger: haha yeah i guess so!
You: so i think i need to take the easiest route… marry some illiterate woman and become the shrek saving the woman from her miserable situation
You: you can’t atleast leave me …if you got no job woman!!!
Stranger: lol thats such a negative way of looking at it
You: white woman won’t marry me
You: so in my case it’s a very practical and realistic situation
Stranger: i see
You: that’s a minority cultural issue.
You: you have african candians in canada ?
Stranger: of course…canada has many immigrants
You: there is lots of african americans in the south
You: love the loud rap music…
Stranger: nothing wrong with rap
You: that’s a good music
You: nothing wrong with rap
Stranger: mhmm
You: but the most interesting thing is their lifestyle..
Stranger: what’s your opinion on drug use
You: i don’t do drug
You: so i have no idea
You: i don’t even drink alcohol
You: i just shut my door and sleep or study or just hang around in chat rooms
You: the big nerd , boring dude
Stranger: you’ve never had any kind of alcohol?
Stranger: not even wine?
Stranger: champagne?
You: no wine, no alcohol, no sex, no drugs . no girlfriend…just a boring nerd
You: i live the lifestyle of something lesser than a priest
Stranger: do you enjoy yourself?
You: enjoy myself ?
Stranger: like do you enjoy the way you live
You: yes i do find my solitary lifestyle quite productive
Stranger: then that’s all that matters
You: i can read books
Stranger: eventually you will find what’s right for you
Stranger: or who
You: i can read websites
You: may be some nerdy girl will approach me
You: and say hey dude …can you solve this calculus problem
Stranger: haha maybe, but she must also be shy
You: and might say….we should really hangout in the library and solve more algebra in our free time
You: and I will say… oh yes from Einstienian point of view imagination is more important than the real thing
You: and who knows what will happen next
Stranger: who knowssssssss
Stranger: maybe you might even end up fucking :o
Stranger: lmao im joking
You: lol
You: no that’s wont’ happen
You: i will say ” thou shalt not have sex on our first date to go jump into hell fire”
You: and the girl will be impressed and say ” dude, marry me now”
Stranger: yes, that’s exactly what will happen
You: and we will live happily ever after
You: reproduce exact replica nerds like us who will conquer the world with their brains
You: and follow our footsteps to “what they call *academic success*
Stranger: sounds good
You: wow i wrote a romantic futuristic story
Stranger: your version of romance :)
You: hell yeah! i am going to wait for that nerdy girl even if she appears after 20 years
You: getting married at the age of 42 …not a bad idea… it’s worth waiting for that kind of girl
Stranger: haha yeah i guess so!
Stranger: i’m not that kind of girl
You: so you party
Stranger: not necessarily
You: you go to college on some downtown party
You: and catch some guy
Stranger: nope
Stranger: first of all
Stranger: i’m not in college yet lol
You: you will be within a few years
Stranger: 2nd of all, i’m not the type of person to go to huge parties
Stranger: however
You: sorry if i offended you
Stranger: i do enjoy “partying” with a group of friends
You: no
Stranger: no i dont?
You: i am super boring
You: in real life
You: i can open up in chatrooms
You: but in real life i am quite unapproachable
Stranger: i think i’m very approachable in real life
Stranger: i’m always smiling lol
You: i am always stiff and strict
Stranger: that’s no fun
You: that’s how i am
You: i tried to change but don’t feel comfortable showing an artificial smile
Stranger: doesn’t have to be artificial
Stranger: mine isn’t
You: i don’t feel like hitting the disconnect button.
You: may be we can be chat friends ….or
You: you can just hit the disconnect button and disappear !!! lol
Stranger: lol well i’m off to have dinner anyways
Stranger: nice talking to you

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