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Sexy Omegle

You’re now chatting with a stranger. Say hi :)
You: Hey
Stranger: hey horny girl?
You: oh yeah
You: always
Stranger: haha me 2
You: Great
Stranger: yah
You: I really want something to stuff myself with!
Stranger: i have a big nice piece of meat ;)
You: oh baby
Stranger: i know how big r ur boobs?
You: 34DD
You: big
You: ^^
You: I’m soo horny”
Stranger: oh ya
Stranger: me 2
You: oh oh.. hvent got any clothes on
Stranger: me either im so hard right now
You: ohh
You: give me!
Stranger: oh yah i want u to suck on it
You: ohh wanna taste it
Stranger: i wanna taste u
You: oohhh
You: my nipples
Stranger: oh yah and ur va-jay-jay
You: oh yeah, I just shaved it
You: soo clean
Stranger: thats how i like it
You: ohh my va-jay-jay are lonely
Stranger: oh ur so tight
You: yeah, and you’re so big
You: oh baby do it dot
Stranger: oh yah and u taste so good 2
You: so do you baday so do you, ohh yea, soo goood
Stranger: omg ur so amazing u make me wanna come
You: ohh I’m about to come! give me more give more
You: my legs are moving from side to side!
Stranger: oh me 2 it feels so good! im gonna go faster
You: oh yeah faster faster.. I can feel it
You: ohh
Stranger: oh yah thats right ill slap ur booty-tang sepa-taow
You: wait… what the F? booty-tang sepa-taow?
Stranger: yah its so tight i love it
You’ve disconnected.

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Omegle Girls #2


Well due to the influx of emails I got yesterday in response to the original omegle girls post, I decided I would start the day off right with once again entertaining all of you with a little collection of pics.

Hottest Omegle Girl Ever

Sent in by Amir, thank you very much Amir. According to Amir, the back story is that he met this girl (Cassie) on Omegle, and wooed her with his Indian charm. Sparks were flying and Amir claims that the very power of Shiva was coursing through his veins as she asked him if he had heard of a book Kite Runner. This having been the third instance of a white female asking Amir if he had read the novel, he understood quickly that the correct answer was yes, and that indeed his great-cousin was related to the original Amir.

And yes, the whole thing with the Kite really did happen. Bottom line, everyone should be thanking Amir for wooing this white female and getting her to send him special pictures (which he has so kindly provided above).

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