Talking to a martian

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
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Stranger: hello!
You: Hi :D
Stranger: how are you?
You: good you?
Stranger: fine, thanks…
Stranger: where are you from?
You: earth
You: You?
Stranger: really?
You: yeep
Stranger: mars…
Stranger: pretty far!
You: :O
You: Woow
Stranger: how old are you?
You: less than 100 years of age
You: You?
Stranger: 1639 years old…
Stranger: i’m a teenager here…
Stranger: by the way..
You: :O
Stranger: is my english too bad?
You: noo its pretty daym good :]
Stranger: because i’m just learning yet…
Stranger: well, good to know!
Stranger: thanks!
Stranger: so what do you do on earth?
You: nothin watch tv. go on the computer.. most people are fat here..
You: exept for the people who are in poverty
You: what do you do on mars?
Stranger: well, that’s sad…
You: i know :[
Stranger: i work on a spaceship!
Stranger: well, if you want so...
You: Not yet.. i have things to do..
Stranger: would you like to be abduceted?
Stranger: well, but minutes from earth is equivalent to years from mars...
Stranger: it can be really fast!
You: i dunno..
Stranger: you come here, stay for years and come back on the same day to earth...
You: maybe when i haven't got people to assasinate..
Stranger: are you a serial killer?
Stranger: :O
You: no they killed my cat and my dog and my family and my friends...
Stranger: so now you want your revange?
You: yesh
Stranger: well, it is just fair...
Stranger: what are you plannig to do?
You: hire people to eat them >:D
Stranger: what kind of people?
Stranger: i suggest someone from Neptune
You: canibals
Stranger: they are really good on that kind of job...
You: Hmm..,.
You: i think ill get them to do it
You: thanks for helping to me!
Stranger: i suggest you to do so...
Stranger: well, you're welcome!
Stranger: are you going already?
You: i really couldn't find anyone who wanted t do it without eating me
You: no
You: im in my pj's
You: i cant go out now
You: dont be silly
Stranger: well, we don't wear pj's here...
You: O__o why?
Stranger: actually we don't wear anything...
Stranger: =p
You: ahah
Stranger: well, if you wanna call us that...
Stranger: hey, i think i have to go...
Stranger: i;m really sorry...
You: ok bye bye :)
You: nce talking to you
Stranger: it's been 5 years here since we started talking...
You: :O
You: woow
Stranger: it was nice talking to you too!
Stranger: come to visit us sometime!
You: you too :]
You: ok
Stranger: but don’t forget…
Stranger: come NAKED!
You: Ok
Stranger: ;)
You: baha
You: i need a spacship..
You: spaceship**
Stranger: well, you’re talking to the right person…
Stranger: i work on a spaceship, remember?
You: ohhhh yeeeeah
Stranger: anyway…
Stranger: i know where you live…
You: :O stalker
Stranger: i give you a lift sometime!
Stranger: don’t worry…
You: ok cool
Stranger: we have plenty of time…
Stranger: bye…
Stranger: see ya!
You: bye

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