Teach Me Yer Fancy Poo Trick

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: howdy
Stranger: hi
You: so I finally felt comfortable pooing at work today for the 1st time
You: it was a thrill
Stranger: oh wow congratulations
Stranger: thats a big step
You: i know right
Stranger: how long have you been there
You: 1 year
Stranger: oh wow
Stranger: thats a lot of holding it in
You: yupper
You: but no more.
Stranger: im happy for you
You: thanks
Stranger: you’re welcome
You: it sorta made my day
You: sadly
Stranger: thats a good thing
You: & how long have you been comfortable with your poo?
Stranger: i don’t poo
You: never
Stranger: never
Stranger: not even as an infant
You: wow you must teach me that trick
Stranger: it’s the strangest thing
You: so, yer probably gonna die soon right?
Stranger: i wish i could, my friend, but it isn’t in my control
You: cuz of the whole no poo thing?
Stranger: i’m aware of that
You: see here, and i’ve been spending all this time tryin’ to control it and you have none
You: i feel bad
You: sorry to rub my poo in yer face
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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