Terrorist or Villian?

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Stranger: If the moon was cheese, would you eat it?
You: well firsti would bread it, then toast it so the inside was melty=)
Stranger: would you eat all of it then?
You: well of course i would invite a few friends, im not selfish
You: want to come?
Stranger: sure
Stranger: but
Stranger: dont you feel any guilt?
Stranger: when u eat the whole moon
Stranger: the tides will stop
Stranger: and the oceans will fall in chaos
Stranger: many species will die
Stranger: and its all your fault
You: well, then yes i might, but after eating all that cheese i would be dead from an exploded stomach, so i would not feel guilt=)
You: plus tides are mean
Stranger: but the oceans vegetation needs them
Stranger: also, the eart would leave orbit
Stranger: because there is no gravity pull from the moon anymore
Stranger: you would kill mankind!
You: i s..sooo sor.**hiccup** sorry!
Stranger: dont drop your bread.
You: its in my pocket, so i wont=)
You: good thing the moon ISNT cheese tho, cause alot o bites would be taken out
Stranger: still, you are willing to do it
Stranger: terrorist.
You: nah uh i wouldnt be a terrorist cause that would requirer a place to terroris, so i would be an evil villian
Stranger: i think you would be a terrorist
Stranger: cause u know that u would destroy the world
Stranger: dont feel any guilt
You: hm…im sorry but wouldnt you be tempted by a huge mozzoralla ball?
Stranger: i would, but thats not the point

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