The Best Insults Are When They Go Over Their Head

You: You ever had this happen: Where your just in the middle of something somewhere maybe shopping and suddenly your brain flashes back to something 10 years ago compltely independent of what your doing at the time at random
Stranger: no stop chatting chit
Stranger: shit**
You: Your command over the english language is only exceeded by your ability to stimulate a conversation
Stranger: WTF!!!
You: Ahh I’m sorry I must be speaking over your head let me bring it down a notch. Your choice of words is horrible but the only thing worse if your ability to kill a conversation.
You: Should I take it down another level and remove any words with more then two syllables?
Stranger: posh idiot u make no sence
You: Ohh a UKer
You: Do I need to put this in Cockney?
Stranger: why whwere u frim
Stranger: from**
You: The United States
Stranger: ohh
Stranger: yous r just as bad
Stranger: us is full ov gangstas
You: If Im as bad as the way your able to communicate the language your country created I am in dire straights indeed
Stranger: ahh good bye u make no senceeee
You: lol Good Day Ma’am or Sir
Stranger: dont call me ma am
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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