The Great Debate

Connecting to server…
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A word of advice: “asl” is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about!
You: If a taco fought a grilled cheese sandwich. who would win?
Stranger: depends
Stranger: whats on the taco?
You: WEll, you got the beef
You: the lettuce
You: the cheese
Stranger: well then hmmm
Stranger: i would say the taco
Stranger: cuz it has the cheese power of the sandwich yet not as much
Stranger: but its got the beef and lettuce speical ability
You: yeah
Stranger: so the taco would win but it would lose some hit points
Stranger: but wait
Stranger: is the sandwich grilled?!
You: yes
You: its grilled cheese
Stranger: hmmmmm
Stranger: oh dang
Stranger: but wait!
Stranger: wut if they didnt fight!
Stranger: what if they had a kid!
You: then would the grilled cheese have lettuce in it.
You: and would it poop beef
Stranger: and its weekness would be a hot babe with big boobs
Stranger: and sexy feet cuz its got a major foot fetish. it would melt
You: and become soup.
Stranger: yes
Stranger: then the sun would evaporate it over time
Stranger: and then ittl rain
Stranger: and make cabbage grow
Stranger: and the cabbage will end up being lettuce on a taco!
Stranger: then the taco will meet a grilled cheese sandwich!
Stranger: BAM
Stranger: i think thats funny junk material
You: and then they will live happily ever after.
You have disconnected.

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