The ‘Niffe’, Puppy, and Tongue…

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: im a young man

You: do yhu like role playing?

You: about sex?

Stranger: a little bit

Stranger: i never tried it…

You: ok then lets start.

Stranger: are you a girl or a boy?

You: You pick me up at a local gas station.

You: Im a girl..16

Stranger: ok, im 17, we then go to the nearest and CHEAPEST motel 6.

You: I kick off my payless heels and shove you in the bathroom

Stranger: Oh you kinkie teen! ;) i turn on the complimentary blow dryer and blow it on your pussy

You: Ohhh Momma likey!! Me GUSTUH!

Stranger: Youre puss gets all dry yet the inside starts to become wetttt

Stranger: I pull out my swizz armie nife and then nife youre sweet teen vag

You: dude, ow. *roles with it* MEEEEEEEE LIKKKKEEEYYYYY!!! hmmmmmmmmmmm

Stranger: Takes out the niff and licks the come and blood ouffah it. *shoves hair dryer handel in your mouth, yeah you like that

You: Sucks

Stranger: Takes out dick and shoves it into mouth along with the niff. *cuts off toungue* yeaaa buddie! ;)

You: ….0.o…

Stranger: Throws u on deh bedd and fucks the living shittzz outtfah you.

You: Calm down..dude, its just omegle role playing..

Stranger: *yeah ik* fucks harder..oh babye imm gonstah COMEEE!! *comes* here puppy..

You: WTF? Im not a puppy -____________-

Stranger: Yes ik, i brought my puppy..whose in HEATS!

You: Omg..

Stranger: *positions puppie in your vag and then thrusts the dawg in your pussie* you likes?

Stranger: *sees that you are unconcious…*takes outtdah niffe and then slits your throat*

Stranger: continues to penetrate ur puss while the dawggie comes and knots in your pussie.

Stranger: *cuts off your tittays and then drinks the milk out of them…* YUMMIE~!@!!!!

Stranger: puts ALL my toes, finers, and tounge into your pussie. yehah you like that huh?

Stranger: Gets tired and then stops but the dawggiee continues to fuckk you

You: what..the..fuck..?

Stranger: poops on youre face and then makes you eats it and then puts your cutten ouffah tounge into your pussie.

Stranger: gets up and then pops popcorn and porn into VCR//continues to wank off the the puppie ass fucking you and the kiddy porn on my tellie

Stranger: 5 hours later..the dawg finally stopss fukking you and then the puppie sucks/chews on my 12inch dickk. falls aslep

Stranger: You still there babe?

You: you are sick bastard…

Stranger: wut? you wanted to be roleplayign

You: Have you ever been on

Stranger: Yeah what about it? is some haliraious shit on there

You: Good bye. have fun seeing you on that website. you perverted sick twisted Casey anthony…

Stranger: fuck you

You: Looks like you already did..

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