the sneaky priest

Stranger: hi
You: hi
Stranger: whats your job?
You: im a priest :)
Stranger: really
You: yeah what about you :)
Stranger: doctor
You: oh you must be on a high income
Stranger: not yet
Stranger: takes some time
Stranger: are you on a high income?
You: we have similar jobs because we both help people, but i dont necessarily see it as a job :)
You: so what hospital do you work at
Stranger: I havent found a workplace yet
Stranger: but Im moving to america at the end of the year
Stranger: i want to work there
Stranger: but I have to take medical license examinations first to be able to work in us, and theyre kinda hard so I have to prepare a lot
You: ok sounds really good, im sure god will direct you to success and happyness
You: do you belive in god ?
Stranger: not really
Stranger: what church are you in
You: he appears in many forms
You: catholic church
You: god made you become a doctor to help him save others
Stranger: how old are you?
You: 46 years
You: how about you?
Stranger: im 15
Stranger: just finished medschool
Stranger: i mean 25
Stranger: so anyways, what country are you at?
Stranger: is it a religious country like poland or something?
You: ireland
Stranger: hmm, thats kind of religious, is it not?
You: it is a very religious place
Stranger: are you a roman catholic?
You: yes
Stranger: do you believe in everything that they tell you to believe in as a roman catholic?
You: i go around social network sites to help people see god
You: yes i do
You: have you ever thought about going to church or even sayin a quiet prayer
Stranger: I am unable to think about such things, because I don’t believe in supernatural things
Stranger: but when i was a little kid, I participated in some religious education, and recieved some theology classes
Stranger: went to a religious highschool for two years
You: what made you dissbelieve
You: or not fully understand?
Stranger: nothing made me believe
Stranger: you know, when you just take every bit of information you gather up in your life, you weigh the facts, the experiences and you come to say something about it, reach a conclusion if you will
Stranger: and that conclusion was for me, that I dont know the answers for the big questions, and thats it
Stranger: I can always try to find out, but for the time being, no human knows
Stranger: which is quite a pity but at least its the truth
Stranger: what make you believe?
You: when i was young i did not believe, but as i grew up a very close family member of mine was ill, he also was a priest, he had a very small chance of living.. he survived against the odds, i said prayers even though like you i wasnt sure, but he survived. since then i have always believed that there is a god looking out for us
Stranger: but surely that could have been just chance
You: this is where we differ, i chose to believe, the more i believe the safer and happier i feel that there will always be someone over looking me and others, even you
Stranger: I would miss the feeling of being true to myself if i did that
You: that is very true, you must never feel that you are not being true to yourself no matter what, you are a good person, god acknowledges this which is why he chose you to become a doctor and help people in need
You: but if you do not believe, god may not comfort you in situations when you feel alone
Stranger: its kinda heartless of him to do that though, aint it?
You: in a way yes i agree, but is it not hearless of you to not believe in someone who has given you the gift of life, the air to breathe, the food to eat
Stranger: he should just come up to me and tell me about it, I would gladly believe in him
Stranger: did he ever come up to you?
You: he has sent me and many others to do this for him, away of helping him spread the message, he has appeared to many the others who has not appeared to he will rely on us, i feel he came to me when i quietly said my prayers for my familymember, he did not physically appear but in some ways the life of my family member was enough
Stranger: umm, why do you think that the life of your family member matters, if you think that after he dies he will go to heaven anyway for eternity, I mean, does that handful of years really matter if you look at the big picture?
You: so what are you wearing
Stranger: ?
You: you heard, are you naked, i mean come on jesus christ your so fucking boring, i tried to hint you that i was a priest so you could come into my confession box and suck my balls
You: jesus
Stranger: haha
Stranger: well playes
Stranger: d
You: so you up for abit of cyber after i un hook you
Stranger: haha, no
Stranger: I was looking for a talk actually, I dont know, maybe it wasnt FUCKING OBVIOUS TO YOU
Stranger: i should have made myself clearer
Stranger: lol
You: well god wants this, he made my cock go hard
You: come to the confession boof you cheaky little git
You: i have candy

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