The unicorns are sacred! Or are they?

Stranger: Hi. I’m hungry.
You: Want to eat my unicorn?
You: It’s tasty
Stranger: You shouldn’t eat unicorns. They’re sacred.
Stranger: Didn’t you read/saw Harry Potter?
Stranger: *see
You: yes, but I don’t care
Stranger: But that’s terrible! You have to be a really, really bad person to be able to kill a unicorn.
Stranger: And it’s so pointless to kill one.
Stranger: Their horn can like, heal and stuff.
Stranger: It’s very cool.
You: I dont kill it, just eat it!
You: NOO, I don’t think so….
You: They taste good, so what
You: that’s all that matters
You: I have a hot unicorn (hot dog)
You: If you want, I know you’re hungryyy
Stranger: I’m a vegetarian.
You: You can eat the unicorns pooh
You: if you want
Stranger: No thank you. It doesn’t sound tasty to me.
You: My unicorn can poop rainbow poop :O
You: Isn’t that amazing?
Stranger: Yes, that is amazing.
You: And it taste good too, it taste different¨
Stranger: But
Stranger: When you eat your unicorn.
Stranger: IT’S GONE!
You: to normal horse pooh
Stranger: or do you have more unicorns?
You: yeah, a whole stable :)
You: I can’t just eat one unicorn, and be full the rest of my life
Stranger: oh yeah, you said that.
Stranger: But.
Stranger: You live there right?
You: yahh
Stranger: Aren’t the unicorns your friends?
Stranger: Is it normal for you to eat your friends?
Stranger: I don’t eat my friends.
You: One can’t live if the other lives
You: or something like that
Stranger: Oh.
Stranger: But.
Stranger: Then you must be very lonely.
You: As long as one lives, none of them live
Stranger: By the way, I think it’s pretty amazing that you have internet in a unicorn stable. That’s cool.
You: I know, I can chat with other people, and play WOW with my unicorns
Stranger: Are they good?
You: Some, but I eat them if they’re better than me
Stranger: Oh, smart.
Stranger: So you’re a jealous type?
You: No?
You: I just want to be the best WOW player in the world!
You: And unicorns
Stranger: But it’s kind of childish to just eat the ones that are better than you.
Stranger: Do you also eat humans who are better than you?
You: Nooooo….. (A)
You: OK! They just taste sooooo good :’(
Stranger: Are unicorns the only thing you eat?
Stranger: Or do you also eat.
Stranger: I don’t know.
Stranger: Normal stuff.
Stranger: Vegetables.
You: What is a vegetable?
Stranger: Never mind.
Stranger: But what if you run out of Unicorns?
You: No, they reproduce very fast, like rabbits
Stranger: Oh good.
Stranger: And where is your unicorn stable located?
You: In unicorn land
Stranger: Where in the world is that ;o
You: In Norway of course
Stranger: REALLY?
Stranger: I almost went to Norway last year
Stranger: But we didn’t go.
Stranger: Because my grandma was sick
Stranger: =(
You: yeah, with Alexander Rybak
Stranger: I want to visit Unicorn Land!
Stranger: Ah crap.
You: Where in Norway?
Stranger: That’s a good question. I have no idea. Let me ask.
Stranger: Oh.
Stranger: We were going on a road trip. Sort of.
Stranger: In the South of Norway.
Stranger: Where’s unicorn land?
You: It’s a secret place, nobody knows where it is
Stranger: Just you?
You: Yepp
Stranger: Are you the only human there?
Stranger: Then you must be really special :)

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