You: tell me ur problems.. im here to listen.
Stranger: hey
Stranger: really?
You: yes
Stranger: how do i know i can trust you with my problems?
You: who would i tell .. this is annonumus ;
Stranger: yeh but you might laugh at me, i dno
You: i wont
Stranger: ok
You: i promise
Stranger: well, i broke up with my boyfriend about 2 months ago and have been messing around with a girl, she wants to have sex but i am not sure if i want to or if i like girls
You: well… are u attracted to men?
Stranger: yes
You: are u attracted to any women?
Stranger: her
You: how old are you and how old is she?
Stranger: im nearly 19 and she is 19
You: okkk do u feel emotionaly ready?
Stranger: that’s what im not sure about, see i really like her but i don’t know if i swing that way or want to do it
Stranger: iv never had feelings for a girl before
You: are u a boy or girl?
Stranger: girl
You: ok
You: well how would u have sex with this girl?
Stranger: you want details?
You: yes.. it helps you express your emotions
Stranger: are you talking to me just to get turned on?
You: no
You: im just trying to help
You: im a straight girl
Stranger: ok
Stranger: oh right ok
Stranger: just there are a lot of weird guys on here
Stranger: haha
Stranger: i thought you might be one
You: so details?
You: for ur emotions
Stranger: well we’ve kissed a lot and we’ve been down to our underwear and been kissing a couple of times
Stranger: i guess i was hoping she could kinda show me the way because she’s done it with a girl before
You: ohhh, well coming from a 60 year old retired therepist…
Stranger: i knew you were horrible
Stranger: get lost
Stranger: you pathetic
Stranger: asshole
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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