TTD (Toasterly Transmitted Disease)

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: If I were a toaster would you still love me?
Stranger: yes.
You: finally! a true companion
Stranger: are we talking about the genocide of humanity or toast kind?
Stranger: (I’d love you still, either way)
You: if I were a machine that made toast
Stranger: Ah ok.
Stranger: Well, toast is a good force in the universe, whats not to love?
You: my crumbs they are contagious when you put other food in my slots you may get my ttds (toasterly transmitted diseases)
Stranger: What are the symptoms?
You: hold on I will make you a list
You: nausea, heartburn, indigestion….upset stomach, diarrea!
Stranger: So basically, if I take pepto bismol I’ll be fine?
You: basically but you could die a little
Stranger: So long as its only a little.
You: yes so you will still put your items in my infested toaster slots AND love me?
Stranger: Maybe, I think I would hate you a little everytime I died a little, but only a little.
Stranger: kind of like how I feel about this conversation

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