You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: Amy?
You: Hello, nope.
You: To whom am I speaking to?
Stranger: Tom. I need to speak to Amy.
You: Oh, Amy is unavailable at the moment.
You: Please leave a message after the tone
You: Beep
Stranger: I know about the murders, Amy.
You: What? Who told you?!
Stranger: It doesn’t matter.
You: Well, now that you know, I have to get rid of you too!
Stranger: You wouldn’t dare. You don’t know where the proof is.
You: It doesn’t matter. I can’t risk you turning me in.
Stranger: Fine. Go ahead. Kill me. I’m not the only one that knows about the murders.
You: Damn. Who else is in this with you?
Stranger: I guess you’ll just never find out.
You: Maybe I should just run. Change my name. Grow a beard.
You: Yes, I think so.
Stranger: They’ll eventually get you. You’ll rot in jail.
You: But I’m just an innocent girl; they’ll never suspect me.
Stranger: The others will tell the police. There will be an international manhunt.
You: How much are they paying you? I’ll triple it if you keep quiet.
Stranger: They’re not paying me.
You: You are doing this just to get back at me for stealing your lollipop?!
Stranger: This has nothing to do with the lollipop.
You: Oh I think you are still holding a grudge.
You: Just face it: Mom liked me better.
Stranger: It’s not true! No!
Stranger: She liked both of us!
You: Or so she said….
Stranger: Shut up! You’re just.. You’re just lying!
You: No, it’s the truth. Face the facts, Tom. Mom loved me more than you.
You: It’s time to grow up and move on.
Stranger: Fine! But I still had dad by my side.
You: Oh no, he secretly hated you as well.
You: He liked your friend, Jim, better
You: They built the treehouse together.
Stranger: Lies! All you do is lie!
You: At least I know what’s real. You just live in your own world pretending everything is fine.
Stranger: That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. Please… End my misery. I beg you.
You: No, that’s for cowards.
Stranger: Kill me! Please!
You: No, because that’s what you want. I would have if you didn’t ask.
Stranger: Fine. Then I’ll kill myself. I have no choice. The others will take care of you.
You: They won’t know where to find me.
You: I can hide like Osama Bin Laden
Stranger: Really? I guess you don’t know about the device.
You: What device?
Stranger: A few years ago you swallowed, without you knowing, a small GPS transreciever.
You: Oh really? Well done.
You: Hmm, how can I get out of that one?
Stranger: You lost, Amy. That’s it. Turn yourself in,
You: No! Never!
You: I’ll just have to take drastic measures!
Stranger: What are you going to do, huh? You have nothing.
You: Oh I can’t tell you. It’ll take all the fun out of it.
You: But you’ll see. Once I rule the world!!!
Stranger: Yeah, right. You can’t even rule your two daughters.
You: Oh you think they are my kids!? Ha, you fool! Those are my best henchmen!
Stranger: And you can’t even rule them.
You: That’s what you think. They hang on my every word.
You: And what do you’re little pals do? Play dress up and have tea?
Stranger: No. They help me.
Stranger: They’re part of the others.
You: With tea?
You: And teddy bears
You: Yeah, that’s what I thought. You have no comeback
Stranger: Fine. You’ll see. You’ll rot in jail.
You: Yeah, you said that before.
You: Is that the best you have?
Stranger: Yes. But it’s good enough.
You: Hahaa!
Stranger: So, You’re only wasting time. The others are now tracking your location and they’re about to call the police.
You: Or so you think… I have already destroyed the tracking device and I am halfway around the globe.
Stranger: Really? We have branches all over the globe.
You: Yes, but your communication is weak.
You: And I am very sneaky. I know how to get my way.
Stranger: shifting legs or cleavage isn’t the way to be sneaky.
You: That’s not my only tactic.
Stranger: Sure.
You: However, it’s you that is wasting time.
You: (Oh hey, this chat was amazing. I have to go though.)
Stranger: (Fine. Bye!)
You: (Thanks)
You: (Can I put this on omeglechats?)
Stranger: (sure)

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