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Talk to strangers!
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You: hi
Stranger: Hello there.
You: is this your first time?
Stranger: Yes I think this is your first time, but I’m not completely sure.
You: yes as in, this is your first time?
Stranger: Uh. You don’t say.
You: if it isn’t your first time
You: it seems strange you would answer yes
Stranger: I’m not sure I understand the implication of that.
You: it doesn’t get any simpler than how i’ve just put it
Stranger: “It” being what?
You: the answer to my question, as it were
Stranger: No one has all the answers.
You: no one is the everyone
You: *the same as
Stranger: That is a rather sweeping generalization about people.
You: you’re the one who made such a sweeping generalization
Stranger: Thanks but surely I am not the only one.
You: if you say so
Stranger: I say so.
You: then, it must be so
Stranger: Good reasoning. Do you think I should know if it is?
You: it’s like you said
You: no one has all the answers
Stranger: “Good reasoning. Do you think I should know if it is?”? I said?
You: you’re pretty dense, stranger
Stranger: You think I am dense, stranger.
You: it like you said, followed by what you said
Stranger: “It” being what?
You: go ahead and read
You: it’s still there for you to read
You: go on, i dare you
Stranger: What kind of books do you like?
You: i can’t be bothered with books, tbh
Stranger: Why not?
You: the easier question is why bother in the first place?
Stranger: The explanation is rather complicated.
You: exactly my point
Stranger: Where did you get your point?
You: use your imagination
Stranger: Let me think. What are you wearing?
You: i’ll tell you what i’m wearing after you tell me what you’re wearing
Stranger: Where do you go shopping.
You: i’ll tell you where i go shopping after you tell me where you go shopping
Stranger: A place we call “reality.”
You: same here
Stranger: I’m glad we agree, .
You: don’t mention it
You: anyway, what would you like to discuss?
Stranger: The pleasure was all mine.
You: uh huh
Stranger: Yup. Groovy.
You: feel free to answer my question
Stranger: I always feel completely free.
You: let me know when you figure out what you’d like to discuss, i guess
You: -minimizes window-
Stranger: Go ahead, , try to know when you figure out what you would like to discuss,.
Connection asploded.
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