You: hi
Stranger: IM GAY
You: ok… r u harry potter?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: sike im Hermine
You: ok… u better run because i am Lord Volfamort!!!
You: *Voldamort
Stranger: thats cool. !!
Stranger: im hitler
Stranger: i killed all the jews
Stranger: and anne frank.
You: we shall b best friends
Stranger: :DD
You: i killed all the muggles
Stranger: but im gay
You: and good guys
Stranger: i am gay!!
Stranger: are you a boy or a man? or a girl or a woman?
You: a 145 year old man
Stranger: cool. well im 5006245419275274675678901281904563728190 . pretty old
Stranger: your to young for me
You: ya… ur very old 4 me…
Stranger: iknoww
You: 5006245419275274675678901281904563728190 is very old
You: 5006245419275274675678901281904563728190 is very old
Stranger: you coppied the #
You: yup… haha
Stranger: haha do you like gay pople
Stranger: im watching gay porn
You: yes… as long as they are not moodbloods
Stranger: and jerking off
You: ok…
You: very nicccccccceeeeee
Stranger: what do you like doing when your home alone
Stranger: i have micheal jackson come over and play hide-nd-go-seek. :)
You: gettin 2getha with my killing friends and come up with evil scemes 2 kill ur friend harry potter
Stranger: why. your just jealous that he has powers and you don BITCHAAA
You: nooo… he didnt die… and took my powers… he is the only one… he almost killed me!
Stranger: ohh on that hand okay. its okay,
Stranger: BYEEEEEEE >
You: haha nooooo! i havnt killed u yet
You: now ur ded
You: and now it is my turn to leev… goodbye

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