Waldo? Is that you?

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
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You: Hi
You: Yeah, what what Waldo!
Stranger: *sigh*
You: What the flip do I win?!?!
Stranger: i’ve spent so many years hiding
Stranger: from EVERYBODY
Stranger: different pages in books
Stranger: all over the place
Stranger: and now , i have to take my life and do something else.
You: Like what?
Stranger: because you found me. the very first person.
You: What shall you do with your life?
Stranger: i don’t know , maybe put my math degree to use and become an accountant?
You: Accounting sucks! You should enter the world championship of hide n seek, you could beat Bin Laden!
Stranger: *bangs head against desk* and i was SO good at being inconspicuous.
Stranger: oooooooh.
Stranger: that thought never occured to me.
Stranger: i’ve been around longer than Bin Laden anyways.
Stranger: he’s a MERE amateur
You: Hiding longer too!
Stranger: I , I am a professional. and indeed I have been!
Stranger: if you keep this between you and i kid , you will get the satisfaction of knowing that I HAVE been found
Stranger: and i am only going to go back into hiding
You: Okay, I won’t tell…
You: Not like anyone would believe me anyways
You: You are the great WALDO!
Stranger: no child shall ever find me again! or my name isn’t WALDO , Wally, Jura, Holger, Charlie, Hetti, Walter, Valli !
Stranger: Thanks young padwan. perhaps on day you can learn from I , the master of hiding and you yourself shall have a series of books , puzzles , comics etc.,
You: Yeah! You got the spirit!
You: Thanks so much for this wonderful inspiration…
Stranger: I think this conversation should be submitted to omeglechats.com
You: Wally?
Stranger: and anytime! yes padwan?
You: I’m gonna miss you…
Stranger: I will miss you more.
Stranger: this conversation has been fantabulous
Stranger: but it is time more me to finally move on and get back to hiding! thank YOU for inspiring me to hide again!
You: Yeah, I guess it it time for us to part…
Stranger: :(
Stranger: goodbye!
You: Byee!
Stranger: *jumps into book*
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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