Welcome To The Twilight Zone

Connecting to server…
You\’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
A word of advice: “asl” is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about!
Stranger: hey r u a guy
You: shhhh
Stranger: ?
You: they’ll hear you
Stranger: i hear them
You: Just stay quiet, stay down, and follow me
Stranger: mmmk
You: don’t worry, they’re stalk-eyes let them see in all directions at once, but they’re hearing is slightly lacklustre
Stranger: where r we going
You: anywhere away from them
Stranger: who r they
You: I wish I knew
You: we’ll find out once we escape
Stranger: lets escape then
You: Stay in the shadows
Stranger: wats ur name
You: Maybe we should exchange pleasantries when we escape those things carrying plasma cannons, hmm?
Stranger: no! now!
You: they heard you!
Stranger: oh god
You: we’re both gonna die now, dumbass, thanks a lot
Stranger: RUN!
You: No! Please! eat him! not me!
You: Oh God, look at those mouth-parts!
Stranger: wat? i see nothing!
You: Oh my God! they blinded you with a flash-ray!
Stranger: no. i still c u
You: Invisibility cloaks!
You: we are so screwed!
Stranger: y we can run
You: not from those ones who have wings!
Stranger: monkeys
Stranger: hmmm
You: Oh no! they’re crawling out of the ground!
Stranger: eww that sounds like worms
Stranger: blach
You: Oh no! it’s got me in it’s claw! it’s cutting into my- gak! shleeuck! bleugh! gurglegurglegurgle
Stranger: huh?
You: tell… my family… I love-
You have disconnected.

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