well you’re insecure

Stranger: hey
You: heey there
Stranger: asl
You: 16 f canada. you
Stranger: 16 m usa
You: niice
Stranger: what would u like to talk about
You: um, EVER
You: you start
Stranger: wanna cyber
You: sure!
Stranger: pulls off shirt
You: yum, slowly take off my shirt and lacy bra
Stranger: ohh baby
Stranger: pull off shorts and boxers
You: hahha, make it dance. EW is that it , are you joking me? I CANT EVEN SEE IT!
Stranger: are tnose ur boobs they look like pieces of peperoni
Stranger: and there soggy
You: someones insecure.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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