Yeahhhh… this is about every JB fan…

Stranger: Justin?
You: yes, how are you babygirl?
Stranger: hi
Stranger: babygirl?:D
Stranger: u are justin? :O
Stranger: bieber? :O
You: justin, last name – bieber
You: yes i am
Stranger: Omg! are u kidding me? :O
Stranger: omfg!
Stranger: No wayy
You: yeah. justin bieber doesnt use omegle, he uses
Stranger: jb uses omegle..
Stranger: becouse i saw the pic
You: okay
Stranger: yeaa :p
You: fair enough. i’m jb
You: but what pic?
Stranger: :D u are?
You: i am
Stranger: um..pic in facebook
Stranger: :O
You: which one? find it for me please
Stranger: okai :) wate please :)
Stranger: omg :(
You: what?
Stranger: i dont find it anymore :(
You: okay :(
You: do you seriously think i’m justin bieber?
Stranger: no :D
Stranger: becouse ur joking :D
You: no i’m not
You: i’m justin bieber
Stranger: :O
Stranger: are u sure ?
You: yes
You: who are you?
Stranger: becouse i have some guests :)
Stranger: im jazmyn
Stranger: but not ur sis :D
You: i have a sister called jazmyn?
Stranger: eem..yea
Stranger: u have sis and bro
Stranger: u dont know ?:D
You: of course i know
You: i was testing you :P
Stranger: haha :Dok
Stranger: i have more quests :D
You: what?
Stranger: what?:D:D
You: more quests, as in?
Stranger: nono :D
Stranger: qouestions
You: ohhhhh.
You: okay
Stranger: or whatever :D my english is not good :(
You: its good
Stranger: um..
You: where are you from?
Stranger: how many phones do u have?
Stranger: estonia
Stranger: u have 5sec
Stranger: 5
You: 4
Stranger: 4phones?:D
You: yeah
Stranger: r u kiddin me?xd
You: no
You: i have 4 phones
Stranger: u have 2phones :D
You: no i don’t
Stranger: I know that u have 2phones:D
You: i think i’d know more about me than you
Stranger: ok,and colors?
You: purple
Stranger: no :D
Stranger: black :D
You: okay, so you really are a jb fan aren’t you?
Stranger: YES I AM !
Stranger: I saw the videos,and there u have 2black phones..
You: in that case
You: wait up
Stranger: case?:D
You: wait
Stranger: okai
Stranger: okai
You: :)
Stranger: wate then :)
Stranger: haha,csi :D
You: i wish that was real life.
Stranger: ah?:D
Stranger: why?
You: cause i hate justin bieber.
Stranger: HAHA,u faag!
Stranger: i knew that ur not jb
You: seriously??!?!?!
Stranger: Yea
You: i would’ve never known!!!!
Stranger: goodbye u lier!
Stranger: fucking fag

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