Yellow BRick Road

Omegle conversation log 2011-03-20
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: hey wanna txt me? F 16 from cali
Stranger: Hey my grandma lives there!
You: cool mine too :)
Stranger: :D Same one maybe? o.o Long lost sister/cousin!
You: hahah anuything s possible
You: *anything
Stranger: yep. Including me being a magical fairy from the land of happiness
You: whoa! no way ive always wanted to go there :O
Stranger: oh my gosh! All you have to do is follow the yellow brick road!
Stranger: Join me my sister!
Stranger: or cousin
You: i will! but who will feed my hamster?
Stranger: I shall send my leprauchuan minion! He has much experience in taking care of small animals
Stranger: though he may eat your hamster
You: oo ok kool
You: thats fine ill just get another one :)
Stranger: oh noes! Your hamster wasn’t to happy about that and has recruited an army to fight against us!
Stranger: We will need a baseball bat, a cat, and 3 tons of hamster food.
You: oo shit! i knew that basterd would stab me in the back one day! i realized it when he bit my finger one day! well he can BRING IT ON!
Stranger: oh yeah!
Stranger: I shall send the cats to attack! EAT THEM MY LOVELIES! THEY DON’T DESERVE TO LIVE!
You: OFF with theier HEADS~!!
You: be carefull tho.. they are kinda of fiesty..
Stranger: ha! their feeble claws and tiny frame are no match for our pow-AAAGH! IT’S GOT MY FINGER! GET IT OFFFFFFF!
You: OMG!! i told you flik it off! hurry.. i know ill kick it in its tiny nutsack!
You: Takethat!
Stranger: Haha! Thank you my sister/cousin! They shall cringe in fear and pain before us!
You: No thank you! and yes i hope its true.
Stranger: It is! See as they flee before our might! We have won, and shall now rejoice in the land of happiness!
Stranger: Thank you for joining me in the fight against hamster kind sister/cousin!
You: thank you for letting me in your magical quest :)
You: only promblem is now i have to tell my mom bob(evil hamster) is gone..humm??
Stranger: hmmmm… that is a conundrum… do you have as cat?
Stranger: a*
You: no but my neighbor is an old cat lady! perfect!!
Stranger: Tell your mom your neighbor always had a grudge against you, and sent one of her cats to capture and devoure Bob!
Stranger: It’s flawless!
You: yes yes yes its brilliant!
You: thts what i told her when i flushed my fish..
You: thats her cat, balls went to my room and ate poor dog(my fish)
Stranger: (lol at the irony) Pure genius! Perhaps next we should take down the evil cat lady and save the rest of small animalkind!
You: yes we should! lets do this!!
You: Wait no!! stop!!
Stranger: What? what is it?
You: SHe Makes us BOMB ASS Brownies :( she can go!!
You have disconnected.

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