Yes, My Lord

Stranger: Stop throwing rocks at my window. Its creepy.
You: Mmm why??
You: Tis fun my lord!
You: Your window makes funny tic tic noises!
Stranger: Stop saying my lord.
You: Yes sir
Stranger: This isn’t dungeons and dragons.
You: No sir it is not sir
Stranger: Stop calling me a guy.
You: Yes ma’m
Stranger: Its creepy.
You: Sorry ma’m, I peed all over you
Stranger: Look, do you want to come up?
You: Just..Came out
You: Yes please
You: I have forgotten how to mop up pee
Stranger: Climb up the side into my window.
Stranger: Dont let my dad see you.
You: Will do. Okay I’m here!!
You: You have oompa loompa’s working for you?
You: I didn’t know that! Oh no that one over there is fucking the faerie princess!
You: Stop that bastard!
Stranger: You are so weird.
You: Thank you ma’m
Stranger: Do you want to like, makeout, or not?
You: Mmm I have you mop up my piss first
You: You like boobs?
Stranger: HA!
You: Or the stick thingys
Stranger: I like my boobs.
You: Yes that’s the word
You: Forgot that for a moment. My apologies ma’m.
You: Please don’t whip me again!
You: D; I think I hear the frog calling me again. Bye bye now!! Love you lots!!
You: ♥

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