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You: i guess the queen is not amused about it.
Stranger: indeed she is not
You: what shall we do now?
Stranger: barack obama is only solution
You: exactly. i think merkel would love the solution
You: but what about putin?
Stranger: putin wont handle it too well, actually he will loose his mind killing
Stranger: i say we go for barack obama, its economic and safe
You: they need help from ahmadinedschad
Stranger: indeed indeed
You: but we need immediate reaction, maybe from kim jong-il
You: well, ive got the perfect solution for the problem! lets ask jesus
Stranger: yes, but then we have an another problem; he\’s a alien
You: oh right. i thought about mohammed too but it wouldnt work out too
Stranger: then were back at the queen.. she will not be amused about the whole case
You: indeed
Stranger: so conclusion?
You: zeus?
Stranger: yep
You: splendid
You: we do a great job together
Stranger: i am happy that we solve the nortkorean problem, and am looking forward to talk to u in the future
You: so do i, it was very nice. farewell!
Stranger: farewell my friend. I hope we wont have any cases like this again, it was difficult , but toghether we made it.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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