Terms of Use OmegleChats.com site and video chat

To use the site and any of the video chat you must be at least 18 years old!
In addition to the usual rules of communication, you will need to follow a number of rules in order not to be blocked.

1. In the video chat is strictly prohibited:
- be in front of the camera in semi-nude or nude;
- to touch the genitals even through clothing;
- speak and / or write obscene words and insult interlocutors;
- spamming or advertising;
- demonstration of pornographic, sexual and erotic materials;
-promoting racism, hatred, or physical violence against a person or group;
- disclosure of passwords or personal information of other users.

2. When using affiliate services, applications and chats that are posted on mnogochat.com, you agree to read and comply with their terms of use.

3. In case of any questions or disputes regarding the use of partner services, applications and chats hosted on our website, you should contact the technical support of the particular application regarding what questions you have. The administration of the site mnogochat.com does not have the right to solve the situation.

4. In the case of using paid affiliate application services available on the Site, all subsequent financial issues should be addressed to the administration of the application whose services you pay for. The site mnogochat.com provides only access to these services.

5. Each chat has its own rules that must be strictly followed. Violation of these rules allows the site administration to deny your access to the service.

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